This over Tokyo Disneyland?
It's hardly The Jetsons-esque, considering the lack of flying cars and high-speed human transportation tubes, but Toyota's 'city of the future' leaves us picking our jaws up from the floor nonetheless.Why, you ask? Not because the Japanese
These are crazy bright
You know how you're always griping about running into motorists with their high beams on? Well, just thank God that these babies aren't available here yet.Texas Instruments (TI) unveiled its new Digital Light Processing (DLP) tech at the 2018
Capable of 800km on a single charge/tank
The SUV you see above is the Hyundai Nexo, its new hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. We've had a glimpse of it already, but the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has given us a proper look.It's near-production
A preview of Kia's electrified future
With some cities already planning to ban internal combustion engines in the coming decades, carmakers are now setting the foundation for electric vehicles.Kia revealed that it plans to commercialize Level 4 autonomous cars by 2021, include 16 electrified vehicles in its
Debuts concept...thing that also delivers food
There are two ways you can look at all the pleasantries and 'conveniences' brought about by the advent of technology. One, having anything and everything available via the simple tap of a screen makes life, well, easier. Or two, we're all
Still too dangerous, executive says
Ford, BMW, Mitsubishi, Volvo; over the past few years, it seems like everybody in the auto industry has jumped onto the driverless bandwagon. Well, almost everybody at least. Because the world's largest automaker is still taking a long, hard look at
We'd be happy if it can help us do errands
Over recent years, it's become more and more apparent that connectivity will be one of the driving factors in future transportation. But could the day arrive when we're so connected to our cars that we begin considering them personal assistants?
It has plants, books and gesture controls
If those zany futurists and their crystal balls are to be believed, in the future we will no longer drive cars, but be driven around in car-like pods. Now, as much as we try and hold back the tide of autonomous
Creepy or cool?
Let's get straight to the point: Toyota says this car, the Concept-i, can measure your emotional response to the places you drive, using the information to build a relationship with you. And if that isn't the eeriest thing you'
Introduced at CES
Here it is then, folks: the very first 'production' car from new electric car company Faraday Future. Unveiled last night at the Consumer Electronics Show, it's called the 'FF 91' (pronounced nine one we're told), and does indeed sound quite
This might take some getting used to
You're about to switch lanes. To be extra careful, you glance at your side-view mirrors to ensure that there are no cars coming from the rear. But wait, something is different here: Instead of seeing the reflection of what's
Displayed at Consumer Electronics Show
Remember the Volkswagen Microbus aka the Type 2? Those old enough may recognize the van as the Kombi sold in our market. It was popular during the flower-power era of the '60s as family transport.Those who miss this iconic VW
Read how high-tech it is
With all this talk about car technology of the future, have you really stopped to think what the car of tomorrow will really look like? Will it look like a spaceship? Will it have the ability to actually drive itself? Or will
This one's a full-electric vehicle
In 2010, Chevrolet began offering the Volt plug-in hybrid in the US and various markets around the world. Since then, the American auto giant has shown us that it is serious about changing its gas-guzzling ways with a car that
Teaching your car to park itself
The name Bosch has been around for quite a while now. Most of you might recall the brand for its horns and spark plugs. But did you know that the German marque has also been hard at work on mobility solutions for
AirTouch technology to debut at CES
As 2016 rolls in, one wonders what's next for the auto industry. BMW may have one answer: Gesture Control. You simply move your hand to activate different functions on a flat panel. It might sound too futuristic, but it has started
No need to do it yourself
Autonomous driving, drones and the BMW i8 are three hot techy things of 2015. So as the year draws to a close, here's something slightly mad that combines all three. Meet the Rinspeed Etos.Swiss tuner Rinspeed is, of course, no
At Consumer Electronics Show
At the ongoing 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Hyundai is giving us a glimpse of the kind of technologies its cars will be equipped with in the near future.From displaying only the vehicle speed on the standard head-up
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