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Hamilton takes another routine victory
Dozed off while watching the live race telecast from Montreal? We envy you. The Canadian Grand Prix was a torture to follow for anyone trying to stay awake at three-ish on a Monday morning.Too bad--it seemed promising at first.
We now enter Hamilton territory
Fair warning to those planning to watch this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix: If you're going to catch some shut-eye before the race, you'll have to peel yourself off the bed by 2am, Philippine time, on Monday. At least
So you like F1, eh?
The Wall of Champions. The mere mention of the infamous wall on the start-finish straight sends shivers down many a driver's spine. But one of the more controversial incidents at the action-packed Canadian Grand Prix was noteworthy mostly by
Another win by Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel
Before we get on to the results of our race predictions, let\'s spare a moment of silence for the Canadian GP marshal who was involved in a serious accident while helping to move the Sauber car of Esteban Gutierrez in the
Who will come out on top?
Who\'s staying up for the race in Canada this weekend? We know we are--in spite of the ungodly broadcast hours--but we don\'t know for sure who\'s coming out on top. We can only keep making these predictions.
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