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We know the exchange rate is bad, but damn-this price increase is really giving us the sweats.Drop by the official Chevrolet Philippines website and you'll notice that the brand has implemented some pretty steep price bumps across its lineup.
Looking for a new full-size SUV?
Another option has surfaced in the local full-sized SUV segment. This time, it comes courtesy of Chevrolet Philippines, which has quietly introduced the 2022 Suburban to the local market.The Suburban's availability comes just around two months following the arrival
Are you looking forward to any of these models?
Next year is shaping up to be a big one for Chevrolet Philippines. The company has just announced not one, not two, but three big new launches for 2021: The all-new Corvette C8, Tahoe, and Suburban.Of the three, the Corvette
It’ll be in the PH in 2020
In a market like the Philippines-a setting afflicted with claustrophobic roads and too-close-for-comfort parking spaces-the full-size SUV is an oddity. Practical, big-engined, massive-the segment's defining traits are words that rarely ever go together
Those are some tough-looking SUVs
Two of the longest-running names in the global SUV market have just been overhauled. We've just witnessed the global launch of the all-new Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe in Detroit, and yes, these vehicles will be arriving in our market.
Keep you car clean and your babies safe
According to the Velominati, the 'Keepers of the Cog,' they who wrote all 'The Rules' that apply to the hard life of road cycling, the bike(s) on top of your car should be worth more than the car (Rule #25. And
It's a heavenly ride
They say the only things constant in life are death and taxes. If everyone had a choice, we're pretty sure we'd rather not deal with either of the two.There are some companies, however, that not only face death on
Cars that are for keeps
It's fun being part of the Top Gear team. We get first dibs on the latest cars and advance info on just about everything new that's about to hit the market. But it does have one drawback, and I don'
Meet my trusty SUV
It is my firm belief that every man should have a truck at least once in his life. A sports car, too, but that selfish luxury can wait a couple more years just before I hit my midlife crisis. A truck, however,
From micro cars to full-size SUVs
I always advise friends who ask me what car to get: "Buy the biggest one you can afford." Young, starting families need to look several years ahead and ask if the compact they're planning to get will suffice. Self-employed folks
A limousine service is now offering it
There's a new limousine service in town and it offers the Chrysler 300C and the Chevrolet Suburban to clients. Called, the company entices potential customers to "go and arrive in style" while promising "comfort, luxury and safety." Customers can
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