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Euro 2 extension expires this December
Don't panic, people. If you own an older vehicle, even one that is only at the Euro 2 emission standard, you can still register it at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) next year.After we wrote about Isuzu Crosswind's swan
Singles out jeepneys as top violators
Isuzu Philippines Corporation isn't fazed by the country's transition to Euro IV emissions standard by 2016 as the Japanese carmaker believes its products can weather the change."We're not worried about the change to Euro IV because we know
Euro 4-standard diesel at Euro 2 price
Last April, Unioil announced that it will soon make its entire fuel products comply with Euro 4 regulation. Well, that time has come as the independent petroleum company has officially launched its Euro Diesel IV brand of fuel, making it available at
Beating the Big 3 in completely meeting the standard
Euro 4-grade petroleum products will soon be coming to the Philippine market courtesy of Unioil, one of the country's largest independent oil players.Although Unioil is currently selling Euro 4-grade diesel in the market, the petroleum company will soon
Not too long, apparently
Since January 2008, all new motor vehicles introduced in the Philippines have been required to meet the Euro 2 emission limits. This means that the carbon monoxide emission level should be no more than 2.2 grams per kilometer for gasoline-powered
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