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Looking for an upscale MPV?
Peugeot Philippines, now under new management, kicked off 2022 with the local introduction of two new Lions-the new 5008 and 3008. To keep the ball rolling, the French company is launching yet another new model early next month.The Peugeot Traveller
Anyone else on Team Wagon here? Anyone...? Fine
Welcome to the latest Peugeot 308 SW-the perfect antidote to all those baby crossovers we often moan about on these pages.For the new 308 hatchback (unveiled a few months back), Peugeot added 55mm into the wheelbase compared to the previous
The Chiron-based hypercar is easily one of the most expensive new cars ever sold
Over two years since we first saw it at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire is done. Finished. Ready for immediate, Amazon Prime-style dispatch to its new owner, a "Bugatti enthusiast" who paid €11 million (P640
We like it
With all the car manufacturers opting to go minimalist with their brands recently, Peugeot's move is a much-appreciated breath of fresh air.The French car manufacturer recently unveiled a new lion's head logo, and frankly, we like it. It'
Long live people carriers
Just as night follows day, so a new Peugeot 5008 follows the new 3008, William Shakespeare once famously wrote. Yeah, Top Gear's home schooling has had mixed reviews during lockdown.But there's a sense of inevitability to the car you
It’s so...French
Actually, no. It's the spiritual grandfather of the Tesla, a Citroen concept from 1980. When it comes to home motor shows, there's a real pressure-you want to wow the domestic crowds and show the world that your home country
Not bad at all
Here in the Philippines, Peugeot vehicles are mostly known for their stylish designs and snazzy interiors. The French brand isn't something you would normally associate with outright capability, but that might change if the recently unveiled Landtrek somehow becomes available locally.
Forget about midnight food trips—it’s time for some late night casa runs
One of the most important aspects of car ownership is maintenance. It's considered a burden more than anything because it comes at a heavy cost-namely, money and time.Then again, you can always save up the money to prepare for
We go to France and see its culture and cars first-hand
France has perhaps one of the most misunderstood people and culture in the world. The Americans want to supersize everything, the British like being cool and quirky, the Japanese mean to make everything precise and efficient, the Germans strive to make the
The Peugeot 308 scores a hard-earned point for team station wagon
Station wagons are seldom sought after in these parts. They've fallen out of favor, at least when compared to their taller cousins, the SUVs. Yet there's a charming confluence of driving experience and utility that's found in the best
An impressive French alternative
We're quite a big family. Seven kids plus two senior-citizen parents means we need a serious family hauler, despite the fact that my older brother and I have moved out of the house. Sundays are sacred, not just for Sunday
A lesson in automotive history
The Peugeot family, which originally hailed from Sochaux, France, were very influential industrialists. The company that became Peugeot started in 1810, and its product range consisted of salt, pepper and coffee mills, (which the company still produces today in France).Since the
Stylish, sexy and wild
Driving the Peugeot RCZ is a little like living with an underwear model. Doesn't matter if it's for Calvin Klein or Victoria's Secret-it's all the same. The stares you get as you drive down the road. The
When it comes to cars, at least
To be honest, French culture is something that has never quite appealed to me. I'm not putting the country down, not at all. It's just that there's not much about the place that really strikes me the way it
Is it 'Car of the Year' material?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. To say that an automobile has a shot at being crowned Top Gear Philippines' Car of the Year is a pretty big deal--it'
See if you like it
Around a month ago, we ran a story that featured the then-upcoming Peugeot 3008 crossover. At the time, the French carmaker didn't say much about its newest baby, save for some press blurbs about how cutting-edge and different it
Expected to break Veyron's speed record
Just how powerful can a car be? This is the question on our minds these days, on account of all the new crazy-fast vehicles joining the seemingly mad horsepower race. For those keeping score, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport held the
According to big boss Carlos Ghosn
Renault Group boss Carlos Ghosn arrived at yesterday's Alpine Vision reveal in Monaco trailed by a phalanx of cameras, popping flashes, and flustered minions. Most major politicians don't have an entourage this attentive, but the fact that the grandest of
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