How time flies
It's almost 2023, which means it's been well over two years since the start of the pandemic. If you'll recall (because who wouldn't?), COVID-19 decimated the local auto industry. With lockdowns in place and unprecedented levels of
We like it
On one hand, opting to life this thing's suspension may have made it slightly more difficult to load things out back. But on the other? Man, this thing looks good.This is a two-door Toyota Hilux cargo variant that's
No turbo, no problem?
Okay, so we might be jumping the gun here-but we think the all-new Honda HR-V is easily one of the most intriguing subcompact crossovers to enter the market over the past couple of years.Think about it: Performance, looks,
Do you agree with these findings?
Finding a job with proper pay is hard enough. Finding one with a good employer? Even tougher.Thankfully, there are still companies out there that are willing to do right by their employees. And according to a recent study by Statista and
Are you a fan of this look?
If we're not mistaken, you've already read our review of the new Toyota GR86. So you'll know we found it a thoroughly more grown-up, serious experience compared to the last, low-limits and low-expectations 86. And while
Operations are now being transferred to a different party
Russian car buyers are going to have one less Japanese car brand to choose from in the near future.In a recent statement, Nissan announced its "imminent exit from the market," and that the company has approved the sale of its Russian
Well, that was quick
Man, are the designers over at Mugen quick or what?The Honda accessory specialist has unveiled a host of new aesthetic upgrades for the 2023 Jazz (or Fit, whichever you prefer) barely a week after the refreshed hatch hit the internet. And
We drive them both to find out
If you can already afford a ride with more real estate than your average starter hatch, there's a good chance you already have (or are considering starting) a family of your own. Choosing your next ride isn't just a matter
The segment is growing at a rapid pace
Size matters when it comes to cars? Sure. But bigger doesn't necessarily mean better-or more sellable for that matter. Just ask Nissan and Mitsubishi.According to a new report by Nikkei Asia, the two Japanese car manufacturers are gearing up
Says decision ‘is not one that we have taken lightly’
Toyota's days of producing cars in Russia are over. This comes after the Japanese carmaker announced the official end to its manufacturing operations in the country to protect "the values and principles that our predecessors built up" over the years.The
One of the most desirable brands in PH
The Mazda Motor Corporation is known for iconic cars like the MX-5, a.k.a. the Miata, and the RX-7. Many of its vehicles are popular for their driver-centric performance and sleek designs. The company is also renowned for
The all-new one has been unveiled
Are you a fan of the Subaru XV? Well, say goodbye-to the name at least.The all-new Subaru XV has been revealed, and this might be the last story where we refer to the crossover by those two letters. The
Dig it?
Toyota's most reliable truck? That honor undoubtedly goes to the Hilux. As for the brand's toughest-looking truck, though? Well, that tile has to go to the current-generation Tundra in the US market.Now, you can get both qualities
Where do you rank this brand locally?
The Tosa Clan was one of Japan's most powerful merchant clans during the Edo period (1603-1867). The family mostly dealt with specialty goods such as camphor and dried bonito. They were also importers of warships and weapons.The Tosa Clan'
Are you a fan of this Japanese brand?
The Honda Motor Company, or Honda Giken Kougyou KK in Japanese, is one of the leading motorcycle and automobile manufacturers worldwide today. Considering its success and breakthroughs over the past 73 years, who would have thought the company started out by seeking
Not even the Japanese giant is immune
If the lack of Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 and Lexus LX units didn't make it apparent already, not even Toyota is immune from the supply chain and economic woes. Now, a report by Nikkei Asia shows just how big of a
The service is growing
It's easy to take Toyota's dominance in the Philippine setting for granted. Frankly, the Japanese brand has been on top of the sales charts for so long that many people just assume the badge does all the selling.That assumption
For the first time in over three years
If we're talking about the global stage, things haven't exactly gone smoothly for Nissan over the past couple of years. There was the whole Carlos Ghosn debacle that began in late 2018, then the COVID-19 pandemic started not long
We want one
On paper, a complete shift to electric vehicles (EV) looks like the right way to go about cleaning up motoring. It's not that simple, though, as there's still plenty of waste to be had even without the presence of fossil
This makes us want to go on a ramen run
Has anyone here ever grabbed a bite at Genki Sushi? The place has a different take on the conveyor belt sushi experience, opting instead to deliver orders using a "bullet train." It's a neat concept, but one that's limited in
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