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This one’s a mighty-looking truck
Regular readers of may recognize the name of Dutch dealership Classic Youngtimers. That's because they're the folk responsible for recent off-road versions of the Bentley Continental GT, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Nissan GT-R."Off-road-
A rugged upgrade
If you think the Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a looker, then you should check out this set-up by Brabus. The German tuner recently revealed the modified X 250d pickup you see here, and it adds a touch of ruggedness to
These accessories transform it into a mobile home
Base spec is a letdown
A posh pickup?That's the intention. Pickups are about as 'lifestyle' as it gets, but they tend to lack the niceties that many cash-rich lifestylers actually want these days; the X-Class aims to roll all of it up into
We asked the Filipino who helped design it
Last month, Mercedes-Benz pulled the covers off its first-ever pickup truck: The X-Class. It looks just like a regular pickup you would use to haul cargo and brave rough terrain, except for the fact that it has that three-
Get dirty in style
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Yes, that is a Mercedes-Benz pickup truck. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. After much hype, the German carmaker has finally
Affectionately named 'La Pick-up'
Earlier this week, the hotly anticipated--well, hotly anticipated in the Top Gear office, at least--Mercedes-Benz X-Class pick-up was revealed. It's a posh take on the load-lugger, and looks rather excellent.But you need to see
And guess what Japanese platform it will use?
Mercedes has spent the last few years valiantly plugging every car niche possible. But there's one rather gaping hole in its portfolio: a one-ton pickup.It's a highly-lucrative market, especially in places like Latin America, South Africa and
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