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Fit for your favorite racing games
Ever wanted to drive a Pagani in your pants? Slightly strange dream, but you're now in luck.You see, Pagani has collaborated with Danish firm Asetek SimSports to create these rather wonderful-looking Huayra R sim racing pedals for you to
It’s inspired by the long-tail racers from the ’60s
Very rarely does a new Pagani special edition fail to impress, but this one might just leave you a little flabbergasted. This is the very special, very limited, and very, very expensive Pagani Huayra Codalunga.It's the work of Pagani's
Prepare to be either amazed or horrified
The 'McMerc' SLR was one of the supercars of the early 2000s. Over 600hp, a carbon-fiber chassis masterminded by Gordon Murray, steampunk Batmobile looks, and, well, a pretty confused character, really. Part track-ready supercar, part deluxe heavyweight Benz. It was
Mr. Pagani also confirmed the future hypercar will have an ‘alternative drive’
News from the tiny island of Pagani, home to the world's smallest hypercar population and everlasting sunshine: The successor to the Huayra will arrive in 2023-a couple of years behind schedule-and it'll come with a turbocharged Mercedes-AMG
Think it’s worth it?
You'll have noticed that outer space is fast becoming a billionaire's playground. Here at TG-ever the consumer champions-we may have found a cheaper, albeit metaphorical way of blasting into the outer realms of this world.For the millionaires
More details about it will be unveiled soon
Here's something else to watch out for at Monterey Car Week besides the Honda NSX Type S and the roofless Aston Martin Valkyrie. The 'Pacchetto Tempesta' is a special Huayra BC with a "range of upgrades and solutions aimed at further
Each of the 30 units to be produced will cost €2.6 million
This is the new Pagani Huayra R, which in normal automotive terms could be unenthusiastically described as the 'range-topping variant.' We're not, however, talking about a normal automotive product.So. This is the new Pagani Huayra R, also known as
*That’s €5.5 million for each of the three cars being produced
Remember the Zonda Tricolore? Revealed back in 2010, the €1.3-million roadster was built to celebrate the 50th birthday of Italy's 'Frecce Tricolori'-the Italian Air Force's aerobatics team. Now, a decade later, Pagani has cooked up a special
Unit 100 of 100
A little over three years. That's how long it took for all the Pagani Huayra Roadsters ever made to make their way to their owners. Sounds like a relatively sluggish pace, until you take into account three things.First, only 100
Who would have thought?
If you had to sum up a Huracan in a sentence, you could do worse than 'an Audi R8 made pointier and more impractical in every single way.' The Lambo takes the same ingredients and mixes in worse visibility, a less user-
Internet, don't fail us now
To some, Kentucky brings to mind visions of a particular fast-food chain serving fried chicken. But for most car enthusiasts, the state of Kentucky is synonymous with one car: Corvette. Home to the brand's plant and national museum (yes, the
It packs 827hp and 1,098Nm of torque
You know when a Pagani is reaching retirement when the track-focused mega-specials start to arrive. It happened with the Zonda, and now it's the Huayra's turn. Except for this new ultra-Pagani, it's not even called the
A look at the past, present, and future of Pagani
Overtaken by a burgundy Citroen Xsara Picasso. The shame.The brutal cringe-gland-rupturing humiliation of it. This is Horacio Pagani's actual, personal Zonda: chassis number 006, the very car that graced the 2000 Geneva Motor Show stand-the first supercar
Can you imagine driving a Huayra Roadster coast to coast?
A hypercar isn't exactly what comes to mind when talking about coast-to-coast road trips. You'd need a comfortable, efficient, and-most important-a spacious car for such long drives. The likes of mutimillion-dollar vehicles are usually bought
How much would any of these sell for?
Keen readers of might recognize this car. The Zonda Aether is such a special one-off that we decided it warranted a whole article to itself.Click these blue words to read all about it, or even to just sit
Get a drool pan ready
A quick word of warning: The images in this gallery are not early screenshots from the next Forza game. Oh, no. This is what you call ballin' in the big leagues, son.What you're looking at is a selection of photographs
This 800hp, £3.7-million tarmac terrorist packs a lot of new components
We're not afraid to admit that we're guilty of taking the mickey out of the relentless churn of special-edition Paganis. But that's only because we're incredibly bitter, jealous types. The mystique, magic, and incessant pursuit of detail
Renders of a 'new' Zonda have surfaced
Surprise! The Pagani Zonda has returned. First baked in Pagani's (still active) autoclave in the late '90s, Horacio's original supercar simply refuses to die. We're good with that, tbh, because this is the latest 'new' Zonda, the Zun.We'
About the brand’s local arrival and what makes Pagani cars unique and special
Italian supercars have always had a stellar reputation, but there are some among them so rare and exotic that only a select few have seen them in the metal. Take, for example, Pagani's masterpieces: the Zonda and the Huayra.Pagani is
A word with Pagani's founder
It's a sunny April lunchtime at the Pagani factory just outside Modena, in northern Italy. I'm waiting in Horacio Pagani's glass-walled office, ogling his scale models of the Gulf Porsche 917, various Paganis, and replicas of Jorge Lorenzo'
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