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It’s a real-life version of one of the animated film’s characters, Sally Carrera
Cars-the first one, let's be clear-is arguably one of the best Disney-Pixar films ever created. That's totally unbiased opinion from this '90s kid who grew up as a fan of the Cars franchise. Seriously.If you agree
Not literally, of course
Anyone else here grow up in the early 2000s? It seems like just yesterday we were flocking to cinemas to catch Cars. Frankly, it's kind of hard to believe the first installment in the Pixar franchise is now over 15 years
It's the match-up of the century: The star of Disney Pixar's Cars versus The Stig... in Lego! If those things aren't enough to pique your interest, then you're reading the wrong website. In this brand-new animated
Lightning is ready!
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Who among you is a fan of the Cars franchise? We're guessing that a fair chunk of you car lovers are big on
Lightning McQueen is back
Cars 3 will be released in June, and if its creators are to be believed, Pixar's latest will please both gearheads and Disney lovers alike. Top Gear spoke to the film's creative director, Jay Ward, and its head of character
And it's petrol vs. electric
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.This is a trailer for a new animated movie about cars. It is called Cars 3, and it features the voice of Owen Wilson.
Are you ready to buy more toys?
As far as automotive films go, Pixar's animated Cars is up there with the best. It's a light, entertaining look at the world of automobiles with a few lessons to boot. Things like humility, priorities and friendship are just some
To open to the public on June 15
Here's to the child in all of us: Disney California Adventure Park is officially opening this month the newest addition to its sprawling theme park, and it's something even grown-up car nuts would love. On June 15, Radiator Springs (
Too bad they don't have adult sizes
If you're a parent and you've been to a mall lately, you must have noticed there's a preponderance of Cars 2 merchandise these days. That's because the humongously popular animation film about cars that talk and fall in
A must-see for serious collectors!
If you're like me who fervently collects the 1:55 die-cast models of the characters from the Pixar animation Cars, you know how frustrating--and expensive--the experience can be. You see, the maker of the die-cast line, Mattel,
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