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Perfect for our flooded streets
If the onset of the rainy season has made you think of buying a water-wading SUV soon, then we suggest you consider one such vehicle that will keep running even when it\'s completely submerged: James Bond\'s Lotus Esprit Series
Not bad for a 20-year-old car
A rare Porsche 959, one of only 284 units to be built by the German carmaker, recently sold for £308,000 (P20.318 million) in an auction held by RM Auctions.This beauty is Porsche's very first supercar. First unveiled at
Baby, you can drive his car
What's cooler than owning an Aston Martin DB5, a car that has been closely associated with James Bond? Owning one that previously belonged to Paul McCartney, of course!At RM Auctions' annual London sale, which will be held on October 31,
After going from four cylinders to 12
Vintage Ferraris often generate the highest bids at an auction, even more so if it's a classic race car. It's to be expected then that a very rare racing specimen, with fully documented provenance, would be the top seller as
The Holy Grail for F1 fans?
For the modern Formula 1 fan, this could be the Holy Grail of the sport's memorabilia. A Ferrari Formula 1 car driven by Michael Schumacher will soon be available to the highest bidder.According to RM Auctions, the auction house handling
Estimated at roughly P50M
The Ferrari F40 holds a special place among followers of the famed Italian marque as it was the very last model to be commissioned by the carmaker's founder, Enzo Ferrari. What makes this unit extra special, however, is that it is
Feel free to bid for it
Car enthusiasts get excited over new releases, concept cars, refreshed exteriors and advance automotive features. Would you feel the same way about the world's oldest running vehicle?The record-holder--an 1884 De Dion Bouton Et Trapardoux Dos-A-Dos Steam
A cool car from the "King of Cool"
Steve McQueen has been dead for 30 years and yet he is still the embodiment of "cool," particularly for those who are into cars. So if you'd like some of his "coolness" to rub off on you, then maybe you should
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