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Cruising at 260kph
The German Autobahn is what fast drivers dream of: a seemingly endless smooth road with lax speed limits and disciplined drivers who keep the left lane vacant because, well, 'there's always someone going faster than you on the Autobahn.' This Subaru
Ramon Bautista takes this Japanese scooter for a spin
If you're looking for a gateway to the world of two wheels, how about giving this a try? This is the Honda Zoomer ('Ruckus' in the US and Canada), a 50cc liquid-cooled scooter with a top speed of 60kph. Despite
Sometimes, auto mode just doesn’t cut it
Any photographer knows that going full auto and letting the camera do all the work isn't always the best way to go, and this is particularly true with automotive photography. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started on
A car that 'pogi titos' will appreciate
Ramon Bautista takes us back to the '80s in his 'box-type' Mitsubishi Lancer. With its iconic design, simple but practical components, and short list of safety features (driver/passenger seatbelts and the occasional dangling rosary), this Lancer is a certified tito
Which team are you rooting for?
The business of selling cars in our market right now is so cutthroat that a brand will almost certainly lose out if it doesn't resort to marketing gimmicks. And small cars are no exception even if they're selling well on
Effective April 15, 2014
Comedian and Internet celebrity Ramon Bautista will take over the reins of Top Gear Philippines beginning April 15. Bautista, who actually did a comics-style column for the magazine in 2012, is replacing outgoing EIC Vernon B. Sarne, who has accepted an
Motoring can be both fun and funny, you know
Starting this month with our Macho Issue, comedian Ramon Bautista is Top Gear Philippines' newest columnist, dishing out his now-familiar brand of deadpan humor via an illustrated column called 'Basta Driver Sweet Lover'.To preserve his comedic style, Bautista's column
See his car in action
If you already have a copy of our May 2011 issue, you know that our featured Car-Struck personality is funny man Ramon Bautista, interviewed by our very own Anna Barbara Lorenzo. In the photograph accompanying the article, Ramon poses with a
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