Limited to just 1,000 examples
It's always cool when big-name brands recognize our history and culture enough to incorporate it tastefully into their products. Seiko is one such label. The watchmaker has previously released two limited-edition timepieces to commemorate aspects of the Philippines. The
Now that is one clean-looking watch
The Super Cub is easily one of the most iconic scooters from Honda history. As such, if you're going to base a watch off the thing, there's kind of a little pressure to get it right.Thankfully, Seiko's done
We could look at these displays all day
We're in the '-ber' months already? Well, you know what that means: Christmas shopping season is just around the corner-if it isn't here already.Those of you interested in buying a loved one (or yourselves) a brand-new timepiece
Stylish and functional
Are you the type of guy or gal who wears a different watch depending on your outfit or mood? Or hell, if you're loaded, maybe you even mix and match your timepiece with your car or motorcycle. If you consider yourself
This Civic Type R x Astron timepiece is a limited-edition model in Japan
Say hello to what might be one of the biggest drops this year: The Civic Type R x Astron, a collab between Honda and Seiko. So, will we be calling this... a hot watch? No? Okay, then.This timepiece is based on
We’re digging the colors here
Any Seiko fans here? Who are we kidding-we know there's more than a handful of you guys reading this. There are at least a couple that are part of the Top Gear Philippines team, and the brand's timepieces are
Inspired by the Tubbataha Reefs
Back in 1965, Seiko introduced Japan's first-ever diver's watch, the 62MAS, which proved its reliability when it was used by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition from 1966 to 1969. This year, in commemoration of its 55th anniversary, Seiko has
Any fans here?
Seiko has been on a roll with pop-culture collaborations lately. In June, the watch manufacturer released a special-edition series in partnership with Sega to celebrate the latter's 60th anniversary, and late last year, the company sold a Grand Seiko
Are you a Sega fan?
Fans of Sega Out Run, Sega Rally and, well, anything Sega are going to want to set aside some funds right about now because the iconic Japanese game developer is celebrating its 60th anniversary by putting some special-edition merchandise up for
Brian May has been an avid wearer of the Japanese brand for decades
Sing it with us now: "I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?"If you didn't suddenly break out in operatic song when you read those words, then we can't be friends. Queen
Godzilla turns 65 this year
Fun fact: Seiko and Godzilla have a shared history. Sort of. 'The King of the Monsters' first debuted in 1954. In that film, he appears in the town of Ginza, the birthplace of Seiko. He also destroys the clock tower that rises
Some good-looking timepieces
We love our cars, but we love watches, too. And one thing we enjoy is when car brands and watchmakers collaborate to create some memorable timepieces. And while collaborations between luxury brands are cool (that $1-million McLaren watch made by Richard
As timeless as a classic should be
Modern cars are cool and all, don't get us wrong. But there's a certain appeal that comes with driving a classic nameplate. Maybe it's because of the nostalgic feelings they evoke, or their Instragam-worthy curves, or the admiration
We’re talking millions here
The Nissan GT-R is expensive. It's fun to drive and is a living legend, but still pricey nonetheless. But would you believe there's a watch out there that beats the GT-R's price tag?Grand Seiko, the luxury
Not done shopping yet?
In case you're a master of procrastination and haven't done any Christmas shopping for your car nut and motorcyclist friends yet, this list may save you. Don't worry about your wallet, you cheapskate. There's even something here that
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