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These would be a great gift for gearheads
Last week, we attended the official Philippine launch of the all-new Subaru Forester in Pasay City. In case you haven't seen them yet, you can check out the official prices and variants here-but that's not our topic for
It looks extra-menacing, too
The Subaru WRX STI S209, the most powerful Subie ever created, has finally been unleashed at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Thing is, its production is limited to just 200 units-all of which will be available exclusively
One of the most iconic liveries in motorsport
Rally fans are a loyal bunch. Camping in a field at the side of a road for hours on end just to catch a glimpse of each driver takes some commitment. Subaru has a huge reward for those who prefer their motorsport
The show won’t be all about the Supra
Think the Toyota Supra will have things all its own way at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week? Well, it probably will. But those of a Japanese-performance-car persuasion might have their heads turned by the star
It’s limited to 30 units, and exclusive to South Africa
Subaru's South African division has celebrated the 30th anniversary of STI with this special edition. It is called the WRX STI Diamond Edition, and you probably can't have it.Because Subaru South Africa is only building it for, um, South
More safety, more convenience
Heads-up, Subaru lovers: If you've been on the fence about going all-out and buying a WRX or WRX STI, now might be the perfect time to pull out your wallet.Motor Image Pilipinas, the Japanese carmaker's official local
All-muscle or all-wheel drive?
This should be fun. In the blue corner, we have the Subaru WRX STI--arguably the pinnacle of Japanese-made AWD performance, at least here in the Philippines. And in the red corner, the iconic, muscle-bound, and now EcoBoost-equipped Ford
Not for the faint of heart
The '90s were a wonderful time for cars, especially for JDM models which have now become bonafide classics. I was born at the start of the decade, so I was too young to have driven any of them then, but I admired
Meet the Fast Five
Subaru's STI division is 30 years old. Yes, really. You may know the name best from wildly winged special edition Imprezas (and Legacys, and Foresters...), but Subaru Tecnica International's expertise stretches far wider. Indeed, STI is behind the wonderful World
We certainly hope so
This sketch is our first look at what Subaru is snappily titling 'Viziv Performance Concept 2'. Set to star at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon later this week, the car "embodies the brand's vision for the future of making cars that
The carmaker has everything covered
There'll be no shortage of performance-oriented vehicles at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. Subaru's made sure of it.The Japanese carmaker has announced it will be fielding sportier iterations of a handful of its most popular vehicles during
The fastest four-door to do so
Remember the lightly nutty Subaru WRX STI Type RA NBR we showed you a while back? Subaru tells us the much suffixed STI has set a lap around the Nürburgring in just 6:57.5, making it the fastest four-door
It's a good year for petrolheads
The updated Subaru WRX and WRX STI are coming to the Philippines. Motor Image Pilipinas, the Japanese carmaker's local distributor, has announced the two models will be available by early September 2017.Both AWD cars come in the middle of what
More letters, even more wing
Look! A wing!Yes, and a mighty fine one at that. It is attached to the rear of a Subaru BRZ. Sadly though, it is not the full-fat STI monster we hoped for, but instead a 'tS' version. What's a
With improved looks and performance
So it turns out we've got more to look forward to from Subaru than we thought. Less than a month after the all-new Impreza impressed by taking Japan Car of the Year honors, the Japanese carmaker announced that it will
They call it the S207
Many are saying that Subaru has become more mainstream lately. This observation comes from the number of crossovers it has introduced to the market. Models like the XV, the Forester and the Legacy are aimed more at families and lifestyle-oriented individuals.
It's all the Scooby you need
There are two ways to give an otherwise ordinary sedan the pocket-rocket treatment. The first is to go à la carte, adding mods as one sees fit: engine, suspension, brakes and everything else that thousands of Honda Civic tuners have known for
On specs alone, this car is mouth-watering
There are cars we dream about owning, but once we've sampled them, we often find that there was too much machismo but not enough substance behind the hype. And then there are cars that--though not exactly belonging to the dream
Despite having a smaller engine
Subaru has just launched the all-new WRX STI for its home market of Japan, and just like its predecessor, it's slightly more powerful than the STI version that has been released to the rest of the world.While everyone else--
It will make you wish you had his talent
Last week, we reported that Subaru had promised to release the "full, unedited in-car driver point of view" of Mark Higgins's record-breaking Isle of Man TT lap in the all-new WRX STI.Well, the Japanese carmaker released it
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