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While SUVs, pickups and MPVs may dominate the news these days, there's no denying that small cars are still the driving force in automotive sales. And when it comes to small vehicles, the subcompact segment still reigns.It is in this
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The Suzuki Swift Dzire subcompact sedan was originally intended for the Indian domestic market where sedans are seen as having a more premium body style over hatchbacks. Affordability is also an important factor, and cars under 4m in length fit within a
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Hi, Botchi! I recently read your article on car ownership 101, and I'd like to get help on our next purchase. My husband and I are planning to buy our first brand-new car. Our previous one was a secondhand car
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Suzuki Philippines today launched the 1.2-liter variants of its Swift subcompact hatchback, the Japanese carmaker's latest offering for "first-time car owners."Sourced from India, the 1.2-liter Swift is powered by the same K12M engine used on
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We visited Suzuki Philippines' headquarters yesterday and stumbled upon the latest model the Japanese carmaker will launch in our market. The unit was so new that nobody outside of the company had driven or touched it. We're referring to the all-
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