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To survive stringent emissions regulations in Europe
The Suzuki Swift Sport may have been the very last hot hatchback to go turbo, but it's one of the very first to have gone electrified. Yep, in the three great chapters of hot-hatch propulsion, the Triple S has spent
The Suzuki Swift Sport has gone turbo
What's this little training shoe?It's the new Suzuki Swift Sport. And it's a very important car. If you like fun and quick stuff, it's as noteworthy as a BMW M3 or Porsche 911 as being not only
A new hot hatch to watch out for
Details at last on the new Suzuki Swift Sport! Revealed with one lonely picture and no tech data, we worried the new Swift Sport might be hiding some secrets. But no. It's lighter and more powerful than the last car. The
Another promising hot hatch
The Suzuki Swift Sport has always been a bit of a hero. Naturally aspirated, light, a joy to manhandle and styled presumably to resemble a baby sports shoe. It was really good. This is the new one. And immediately you will notice
Let's dream, just for a moment
As our parents often told us growing up, you can't have everything. It's no secret that there are some amazing model variants that are only available in First World markets. This list might be little more than an exercise in
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