Five stars
This Uber driver can spit some bars, and what better way to show that off than by rapping for some passengers? By the looks of their reactions, we think he got five stars for that trip.Vans are some of the most
A steep price to pay
The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) has fined Grab and Uber a total of $13,001,702 SGD ($9.5 million USD, P500 million) for the two companies' merger, which the agency described as "anti-competitive."In a statement
DOTr and LTFRB respond to Grab's recent statements
The kalyeserye involving Grab and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and Department of Transportation (DOTr) has been ongoing for a while now. You can revisit the drama here.Shots were fired recently when Grab released statements saying that the
Toyota and Uber have been tapped for this government-led initiative
Automotive and transport companies have long been wanting to take to the skies with flying cars, which are being tipped as a solution to urban traffic congestion.Uber, for instance, has invested $23 million (P1.23 billion) to develop and launch air-
Studies say people aren't as receptive to autonomous vehicles as before
Automotive companies currently in the race to develop self-driving cars may be zealously committed to perfecting the technology, but a 2018 study revealed that most drivers are having second thoughts about taking their eyes off the road and their hands off
Are things finally on the right track?
The Grab-Uber deal has finally been approved by the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), but not without conditions-among them more transparency regarding fares and the implementation of Grab's destination masking feature for all drivers. Destination masking, well, 'masks' the destination
Supply and demand?
Ride-hailing firm Grab has finally responded to a Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) statement of concerns regarding its acquisition of main rival Uber's Southeast Asian operations earlier this year.In the PCC statement, the government agency suggested that Grab, which "will
Company will do it all in 100 days
Over the next 100 days, Grab--which hasn't exactly had the rosiest time in the Philippines since it acquired Uber's Southeast Asian operations--plans to drastically improve its ride-hailing services, not just for its riders but for its drivers
It's rolling out already
If you're an iPhone user, you may have noticed a couple of significant changes with Grab lately. That's because the ride-sharing platform has already begun rolling out an improved interface for its smartphone app, which features a few new
It's not rocket science
Over the past few weeks, you might have heard or seen complaints online regarding how difficult it's been to book a Grab since Uber left the Philippines. Well apparently, there's a relatively simple explanation for that: The supply can't
How has your Grab experience been lately?
Has your Grab user/rider experience been less than ideal (or a downright pain in the a**) lately? If yes, don't worry, because you're not alone.Over the past few weeks, accounts of the ride-sharing platform's supposedly poor
It's actually happening
It was fun while it lasted. After much discussion, litigation, and false starts, Uber Philippines has announced in an e-mail advisory today that it will shut down its app's operations in the country starting Monday, April 16. The e-mail
Uh oh
It looks like Grab is going to have some explaining to do.The Philippine Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has ordered the ride-sharing platform to answer recent allegations of charging unauthorized fares.The move comes just days after Congressman
It's already being tested
Uber is practically out of the local ride-hailing scene, leaving Grab as the only major player remaining here in the Philippines.Many commuters have since taken to social media to express their dismay over Uber's exit, and netizens seem to
PCC wants it to continue, but LTFRB says otherwise
It's April 9, 2018, a day after Uber Philippines' announced shutdown of its app in our country, and the Uber service is...still running? We tested the app this morning and it still works.Well, sorta works. The Uber we have
It's not goodbye yet
Just when you thought it was time for us to bid farewell to Uber forever, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has another say in the matter.The watchdog organization has recently been reviewing Grab's acquisition deal of Uber's Southeast Asian
The downtime was Southeast Asia-wide
It felt like we were back in the dark ages again. Around 8pm last night, April 3, 2018, ride-hailing service Grab's app stopped responding and only displayed the photo above. Normally commuters would just try Grab's rival, Uber, but
With the expected dose of Pinoy humor
After weeks of speculation and rumors, Uber has finally sold its Southeast Asian operations to its main rival, Grab. And yes, this includes the ride-sharing platform's operations in the Philippines.In a statement released on Grab Philippines' official blog, the
How will our ride-sharing lives change?
You've probably heard or read by now about Grab's acquisition of Uber's Southeast Asian operations. We don't know yet for sure what kind of long-term effects this move will have. With no obvious competitor, Grab now has
Is this the end of Uber in PH?
Uber is set to announce the sale of its Southeast Asian operations to its rival, Grab. According to a report by Bloomberg, the ride-sharing giant might make the deal official as early as tomorrow morning.Citing sources familiar with the matter,
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