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Because cold air is life
In a tropical country like the Philippines, where temperatures can reach scorching heights, having a working air-conditioning system in your car is the difference between heaven and hell. So it's imperative that every car owner do everything he can to
Will it affect performance?
Hi TG Team!Can you use the air-con while driving at high speeds on the track?Thanks in advance for your reply!Regards,Chito C.Dear Chito C.I know exactly where you're coming from. It can get rather hot
Traffic and a broken A/C don't mix
If the sudden onset of warm winds and the migraine-inducing noontime sun aren't enough indication, we're just going to go ahead and spell it out for you: Summer is almost upon us, and you damn well better be prepared
Does it affect the compressor?
In a word, yes, it's okay to drive with the air-conditioner off. Your car's A/C compressor is an accessory, merely an add-on to your car's engine. Whether it's on or off, your car's engine
Time for a trip to the mechanic
Hi, Top Gear Philippines. I need your expertise to solve my car's problems. I drive a sixth-generation Honda Civic FD (2007).My car's A/C is not blowing cold air anymore, and I found out that the compressor is
You can damage more than just your engine
I'm in the rent-a-van business, and I'm also the driver of a Toyota Hiace Grandia. I keep it running because of the hot climate, and I sleep here when I'm with a client. Sometimes I keep the
Keep bad smells at bay
Hello, Top Gear Philippines! I am not really knowledgeable about cars and would like to ask about air-conditioning and air fresheners. Are air fresheners really bad for the A/C system in the car? What should I buy to keep away
Calsonic is the key
What is it with Nissan cars and good air-conditioning? I always hear people say that Nissans have very good, cold air-cons. I know that Nissan is not the one that manufactures its A/C, but they source it from companies
Share your tips
While we're getting a little reprieve from the summer heat because of the typhoon, the months of April and May are usually the time when we are most appreciative of our car's air-conditioning system. It is also the season
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