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Fifty units are available for €2.9 million—or P170.9 million—each
Automotive excess or engineering pinnacles?
Okay, we're going to try to get through this article without mentioning the gilded age, the 1%, being rich as Croesus, or anything like that. Each time we fail, we're going to put 20 bucks in a jar. We would
Have you heard of this company?
Aspark, a Japanese engineering company you've maybe heard about, has just revealed the final production version of its Owl hypercar. There are two numbers to focus your attention on, one big, one small. Big? The road-going electric hypercar boasts a
It can do 280kph flat out
A prototype electric supercar has just accelerated from 0-97kph in 1.92 seconds. Yes, folks. Japanese supercar-maker Aspark has tested its Owl EV, and it has delivered.Delivered on a promise Aspark made last year, confidently predicting its two-seat,
0-100kph in less than two seconds
In Japan, there is a company called Aspark. This company called Aspark has been planning on revealing something at the Frankfurt Motor Show: an electric supercar capable of crushing almost anything in the world.It's called the Aspark 'Owl' (don't
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