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We may not be able to afford them, but this is good to know
No, it doesn’t run her over
Still scared of driving out into the night for fear of encountering a 'White Lady'? Well, get over it. We aren't in the '90s anymore, and it's been a long while since plying Balete Drive in the wee hours was
Now with more grille
Possibly the world's most discreet 320kph+ car has had a bit of a facelift, and as a consequence, it has become much less discreet. That's not gone well.Changes to the Alpina B7 mirror those made to the car on
Talk about a facelift
Does BMW now have a separate 'Grille Division' that operates in a different part of the factory? One can only guess. Welcome to the updated BMW 7-Series. And welcome also to the grille bolted to the front of it.We're
And it's not officially an M car
Did you glue those V12 badges on? Nope, this thing really does have a V12. One of 6.6-liters, twin-turbochargers and 602hp and 800Nm. Basically the same engine you get in a Rolls-Royce Ghost. It is brilliantly, unarguably and
40 years old and going strong
At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, BMW will unveil a special, '40 Jahre' edition of its all-new 7-Series. It is intended to celebrate 40 years since the first, E23 BMW 7-Series arrived, and it puts us in a
A different kind of M car
An M badge! Is this a hardcore BMW 7-Series, then? No. That's the wrong way to consider the new BMW M760Li. Although it has a 6.6-liter twin turbo V12 developing 602hp and 800Nm, can hit a 304kph top
There's 600hp under that elegant body
We like Alpina here at TG. The German company takes BMW's products-typically the quick ones-and gives them extra performance alongside a more luxurious slant. The result is a fast, fun car that's a bit more subtle and offbeat
Beauty in the details
For the art aficionado out there, the name Esther Mahlangu may ring a bell. Her art is well known for combining the traditional Ndebele way of painting. In 1991, the South African artist gained international fame for being the first woman to
As thrifty as 50km/L
We all know how amazing the new BMW 7-Series is. It's the kind of car that offers futuristic technologies wrapped in a contemporary design that will wow just about anyone who lays eyes on it. And it will make tech
A one-of-a-kind oil-burner
BMW has unveiled its latest 7-Series variant, which is touted to be a technological tour de force. The new 750d and its long-wheelbase counterpart, the 750Ld, pack a marvel of an engine. The 3.0-liter straight-six diesel puts
With a super-exclusive Montblanc pen
In case you didn't know it yet, BMW is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. Apart from the usual mandatory parties, the Bavarian luxury automaker has rolled out the Vision Next 100 concept, which we featured a few weeks ago.To
Among other exclusive features
BMW seems to want to provide a more bespoke motoring experience with its flagship sedan. When we say bespoke, we're referring to a truly custom-made type of branding in the guise of the BMW Individual line of vehicles. Through the
The all-new BMW 7-Series is now in PH
The all-new BMW 7-Series has finally landed in the Philippines. The latest generation of the German carmaker's flagship sedan has been officially launched by Asian Carmakers Corporation, BMW's official distributor in the country.Equipped from bumper to bumper
One is mean, the other is green
The latest BMW 7-Series is not even a year old, but the G11 iteration of the flagship Bimmer has already gained a reputation as one of the most advanced cars out there. Now it looks like it has set its sights
One of the sportiest luxury cars out there
The BMW 7-Series is arguably one of the most technologically advanced cars around. Some of you may recall that we likened the all-new model to a spaceship, referring to the vast amount of tech goodies it packs. And now, thanks
To be offered in Turkey and China
The words "entry-level variant" could be either a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, it connotes affordable, no-frills transport for people who simply want to get from point A to point B. On the other hand, however, it
AirTouch technology to debut at CES
As 2016 rolls in, one wonders what's next for the auto industry. BMW may have one answer: Gesture Control. You simply move your hand to activate different functions on a flat panel. It might sound too futuristic, but it has started
During media drive in Portugal
Last week, we told you about the high-tech key of the all-new BMW 7-Series, called the BMW Display Key. Available as an option costing $250, the key features a full-color touchscreen display that allows you to choose different
New BMW 7-Series and its high-tech key
When it comes to technology, it's the little things that count. Even the smallest gadgets are capable of so much. The tech guys over at BMW must have kept this in mind when they came up with what could possibly be
All-new BMW 7-Series unveiled
The 7-Series established BMW as a true luxury carmaker in the 1970s. Through the decades, the big 7 has grown bigger and more luxurious, and has raised the bar in technology. So where does BMW go from here?After several teasers
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