Yes, please
Have you become wary of opening your Grab app due to the ride-hailing service's exorbitant fares of late? Well, its management has some very good news for you.According to a report by GMA News Online, Grab Philippines president Brian
Fond of midnight snacks?
Grab has come a long way since its days as a simple taxi-hailing smartphone app. Over the past few years, the company has expanded to cover a handful of other operations, including courier services, hotel bookings, and yes, food delivery.The
Brace yourselves: Inconvenience is coming
Is taking a Grab ride part of your everyday routine? If your answer is yes, you're going to want to sit down for this.The ride-hailing giant has announced that it is about to deactivate 8,000 of its transport
Time sure flies
We still remember the dark times before ride-hailing apps arrived. If you were out in the metro and it rained on a Friday, you were screwed. There were taxis galore, of course, but they roamed about arrogantly, waiting for someone to
This will be a big help
SM just gave us our first taste of 2018 holiday traffic madness with a three-day Megamall sale, and it's only going to get worse in the weeks to come. People have cash and things need to be bought, so it'
It’s called the ‘Safer Everyday Tech Roadmap’
It was a busy day for the country's biggest (and only?) ride-hailing service. Grab Philippines launched today its 'Safer Everyday Tech Roadmap,' which aims to, well, make the service safer for everyone who uses it-both driver and passengers.The
Will things go back to normal now?
So that's that. Grab's time-based P2.00 per minute charge is returning, and you can expect it to be reflected in fares as early as 12am tomorrow (September 21, 2018).In a Facebook post released earlier tonight, Grab Philippines
A statement from Brian Cu
Earlier today, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) issued a hefty punishment against Grab. In all, the government body ordered the ride-sharing company to pay a P10 million fine and to reimburse riders charged with the controversial P2 per
To be rolled out soon
It hasn't been an easy few weeks for Grab. Ever since Uber ceased operating in the country, the Singapore-based company has been bombarded with numerous complaints about its drivers, services, and even its fees. The complaints haven't fallen on
Your prayers have been answered
It looks like commuters' calls haven't fallen on deaf ears.Grab management has just announced that starting this Friday, April 27, the ride-hailing platform's drivers will no longer be able to see their passenger's destination prior to accepting
500 of them have been sanctioned
Last week, Grab officials told the public that yes, it takes driver cancellations very seriously, and yes, choosy drivers do suffer consequences. Didn't believe them? Maybe now you will.According to a report by CNN Philippines, the ride-hailing platform sanctioned
Warns of higher fares, fewer rides
Yesterday, the Philippine Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) suspended Grab's controversial P2.00 per minute charge "effective until further order of the board." It's a decision which the company has already announced it will comply with beginning today,
Yes, there are consequences
Grab doesn't tolerate picky drivers, and yes, there are consequences for partners with a penchant for tapping the cancel button. This was the message conveyed by officials of the ride-sharing firm during a press conference held yesterday to tackle riders'
It's not rocket science
Over the past few weeks, you might have heard or seen complaints online regarding how difficult it's been to book a Grab since Uber left the Philippines. Well apparently, there's a relatively simple explanation for that: The supply can't
This issue is far from over
Last week, Congressman Jericho Nograles accused ride-sharing platform Grab of illegally charging riders P2.00 per minute during trips. The lawmaker went as far as to say the firm owes commuters a P1.8 billion refund.Grab Philippines officials, including company
It's already being tested
Uber is practically out of the local ride-hailing scene, leaving Grab as the only major player remaining here in the Philippines.Many commuters have since taken to social media to express their dismay over Uber's exit, and netizens seem to
As per LTFRB's orders
Still bummed over Uber's exit from the Philippines? We understand. But if it'll help, Grab has already announced that it will be lowering its surge fare from 2x to just 1.5x.The move was announced by Grab Philippines head
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