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It’s called the Knight, and it’s a next-level alarm of sorts
What if we told you that there's a cup holder for your car that can double as an anti-theft security device? Yeah, we didn't immediately buy the idea at first until we saw this.This gizmo is called the
From computers to cars
There was a time when McAfee was one of the go-to software for your desktop's antivirus needs. Now? It looks like the company has its sights set on fulfilling a different kind of cybersecurity: The one in our cars.According
Is this as secure as Hyundai makes it out to be?
Tired of car keys taking up precious real estate inside your pockets? Well, soon you won't need to have them on your person to get inside and start your vehicle, because Hyundai has just announced that it will begin rolling out
We review 3 sub-P8,000 dash cams
Some people might scoff at dashboard cameras with their low megapixel count, tiny LCD screens and zoomless lenses, but these things are built to run under a hot windshield for hours on end. It's a duty that exposes your expensive GoPro
Pass them along to your loved ones
Car theft is a persistent problem in this country, and the Philippine National Police wants car owners to continue trusting that the authorities are doing their best to address it. In the meantime, the PNP has shared on its Facebook page "12
The New York Times explains
According to an article in The New York Times--"Here's why stealing cars went out of fashion"--car theft is fast declining in the United States, particulary in New York."Auto theft isn't much of a problem anymore in New
See if your car is a likely candidate
According to the latest report from the Philippine National Police's Highway Patrol Group, a total of 257 motor vehicles were reported stolen in the country from January to April this year. That's a measly figure compared to the 2,405
PNP's Highway Patrol Group releases figures
The public information office of the Philippine National Police has released a Highway Patrol Group report detailing the number of motor vehicles and motorcycles reported stolen in the country in the first trimester of the year. According to the report, there were
See if one of the recovered cars is yours
Less than a week after a carnap syndicate had stolen another vehicle, police operatives pounced on the hideout of the group operating in Mindanao, leading to the arrest of four gang members and the recovery of at least 12 stolen cars.Philippine
Too good to be true?
Okay, before anything else, let's get one thing out of the way: The guy in the photo above (and in the video below) isn't Botchi. To proceed...we all know that one of the most common crimes that can be
No, it's not a bricked iPhone
Hackers have proven that it's actually possible to break into a car using only a mobile phone--and it doesn't involve throwing it at the car's window in the hope that the safety glass will give way.Using a
Do it anywhere, anytime<br />
The Viper SmartStart makes this possible with just a tap on an iPhone's touchscreen and a 3G cellular network signal or a Wi-Fi connectivity. Got more than one car? There's no need to get another iPhone as
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