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Windshield wipers. Most drivers don't think about them until they are stuck on the highway in a sudden downpour. At which point they turn on the wipers only to find them a squeaking, streaking, shuddering mess. Which causes said drivers to
Watch 5 entertaining videos
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Five things you should never do with an automatic transmission. From coasting in neutral to not braking before switching to reverse, here are some
Attract positive energy this year
Feng shui, the art of placement to "harmonize the human existence with the surrounding environment," is usually applied to homes and offices. And just like your bedroom and your workplace, your car is also an environment where you spend a considerable amount
Car maintenance and troubleshooting tips are just an app away
Goodyear Philippines is making this summer's road trips safer and trouble-free by making available its Highway Helper app for Android smartphone users for the first time "in response to the explosive growth of smartphone users in Asia who are using
Because road trips aren't usually one-way only
So, the long Holy Week holiday is over and you're making your way back to the metro. Of course, the same tips you usually read--and hopefully follow--on what to do before you embark on your road trip apply when
Kung Hei Fat Choi, everybody!
And we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, sirs and madams! Hands up if you're up for the usual merrymaking shenanigans--ear-splitting firecrackers, the fancy and festive dragon dancing, and our personal paborito, the oh-so-yummy tikoy--but
Are all car salesmen out to make a quick buck through underhanded means? Read this carefully before walking into a car dealership? <br />
Ever hear the one about a car salesman selling an unsuspecting customer a lemon car? Or how financing numbers are manipulated so that the buyer comes away feeling like he made off with a bargain, when in fact he ended up paying
How does one become an eco-friendly motorist? Let us count the ways...
Welcome to another Green Issue of Top Gear. This year marks the third time we\'ve done this theme, and it certainly won\'t be the last. We confess to doing this yearly because of a responsibility we feel toward our planet.
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