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Production will be reduced by 20% in April, 10% in May, and 5% in June
On average, the company would have to build 900,000 cars per month
Production of automotive companies took a hit last year due to a lot of issues-aside from multiple pandemic-related lockdowns, there were also supply-chain disruptions and the ongoing global chip shortage to deal with.Toyota, for example, has had to
It has signed a non-binding agreement with chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries
The global automotive industry has been badly affected by the ongoing semiconductor shortage, with several companies being forced to halt manufacturing and cut production targets in different markets.American carmaker Ford has also been hit by the crisis, but it is now
When do you think the situation will normalize?
The ongoing global computer chip shortage isn't just a matter of producing the chips themselves. Many factors come into play, including how exactly these chips can be moved around despite restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.According to a
Global chip supply is only expected to stabilize by Q2 of 2022
The automotive industry continues to feel the impact of the global chip shortage. According to a report by Bloomberg, IHS Markit expects the crisis to reduce worldwide car production by as many as 7.1 million units this year."In the third
Will more car features follow?
Last month, we reported that several major car manufacturers were making production adjustments due to the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage, with some resorting to ditching certain features in order to cope.In the case of General Motors (GM), it had to
The automotive industry’s woes continue
Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the global chip shortage are now taking their toll on the automotive industry. Carmakers have been suspending production as a result, and some have confirmed massive production cuts this year.Nissan is one of those that
When will this end?
Last week, Toyota caused a bit of stir in the auto industry after it announced it was suspending production at some of its plants in Japan because of the global semiconductor chip shortage. Now, Nissan and Suzuki are reportedly making manufacturing adjustments
Will our market eventually feel the sting?
The ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage continues to impact the auto industry. This time, Toyota is once again making adjustments to its production lines because of the crisis.The Japanese car manufacturer has announced that it is halting production at three more
Uh oh
The global chip shortage continues to wreak havoc on global auto industry supply lines. And one of the carmakers that have been greatly impacted by the crisis is Nissan, which is estimating it will produce significantly fewer units in 2021.According to
How long can this last?
Well, this isn't a good look at all. According to a report by Bloomberg, car manufacturers are now being forced to leave out advanced tech features from their offerings because of the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage.The report says Nissan
They’re also being prioritized for vaccination
Just how serious is the ongoing global automotive chip shortage? In South Korea, those working to procure auto chips are being prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination and will no longer be required to undergo quarantine.According to a recent report by Nikkei
COVID has affected supply chains
The automotive industry's sales situation during the pandemic is more complicated than it looks. For example, a drop in sales isn't as simple as uncertain buyers or less spending power. You have supply chains to take into account, too, and
Unfortunate for an industry that’s only starting to rebound from the pandemic
In addition to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the automotive industry is already facing another setback this year: there is currently a massive shortage of semiconductors across the globe, and it has forced several carmakers to cut production this year, Nikkei Asia
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