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Mon Ami, Citroen!
When Citroen unveiled the My Ami Buggy Concept back in December last year, we really didn't think it'd ever see the light of day. Just a bit of fun to drum up some more interest in the standard Ami, we
Meet the My Ami Buggy Concept
We've seen the Citroen Ami as a police car and as a van-now it's time to see it as a buggy for adventuring. This, to give it its full name, is the Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept.According to
Go wild. We won’t judge...okay, not so much
Remember those iconic school disco-flame shirts from the late '90s and early 2000s? Well, you can now get that pattern on your new Citroen Ami. What a landmark day for car design this is...Citroen recently revealed that it took over
We can imagine setting this up as a mobile cafe, too...
What if we told you the cutest car you'll see today is also-quite probably-the cheapest? And that it's not even a car? This is the Citroen Ami Cargo, and it's an electric van that costs €25 (P1,
“There’s a joy in its simplicity, in the way that Citroen is embracing quirkiness”
The one thing the Citroen Ami is not is a car. Yes, it looks like one, having four wheels and all, but it's actually designated as a quadricycle, neatly sidestepping-in France, at least-a whole host of regulations needed to
So cute
Remember the Citroen Ami One concept car from the Geneva Motor Show last year, the one we hoped would be the second coming of the 2CV? Well, stay calm people, but it's actually happening. First point of note though-we say '
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