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For starters, don’t open the radiator cap immediately
Both, actually
Hi Top Gear!Is distilled water better than anti-freeze coolant for your radiator? I have been a grease monkey myself, but this really bugs me a lot lately because some say that anti-freeze coolant eats out your radiator wall when
Know your liquids
Your car is not merely a metal box on four rubber donuts. It's a living, breathing machine whose oily guts require, uh, oil, for lubrication and power. These fluids need to be refilled and replaced to keep your car in tip-
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi, Ferman!I added a liter of iced tea in the coolant reservoir of my trusty 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer GLi by mistake and drove for an hour. I mistook it for the coolant because I use the empty bottles for tap water
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