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You can give dad the gift of safety by making sure his car is in tip-top shape
For starters, don’t open the radiator cap immediately
An overheating car is something that can occur if you're a bit careless with maintenance. This can be a potentially dangerous situation, so if you find this happening to your vehicle, you need to take the necessary steps to cool it
Both, actually
Hi Top Gear!Is distilled water better than anti-freeze coolant for your radiator? I have been a grease monkey myself, but this really bugs me a lot lately because some say that anti-freeze coolant eats out your radiator wall when
Gotta know them all
Your car is not merely a metal box on four rubber donuts. It's a living, breathing machine whose oily guts require, uh, oil, for lubrication and power. These fluids need to be refilled and replaced to keep your car in tip-
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi, Ferman!I added a liter of iced tea in the coolant reservoir of my trusty 1993 Mitsubishi Lancer GLi by mistake and drove for an hour. I mistook it for the coolant because I use the empty bottles for tap water
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