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No more 10:30am cutoff
Pancakes, hashbrowns, Sausage McMuffins-all these breakfast favorites are now available via McDonald's drive-thru and delivery all day. That's right, no more 10:30am cutoff. The fast-food chain shared the schedule change news on Facebook. Look: "There's
What we’d do to have our favorite drink served in person again
Our lives, it seems, have changed for the foreseeable future. The little things we once took for granted have now become frivolous luxuries we can do without during a pandemic. It wasn't so long ago, if you recall, that you could
Should we do this here in the Philippines?
If you've been keeping tabs on international news throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, you'll know health officials are always stressing two things. To fight the coronavirus, governments need to: a) implement social-distancing measures; and, b) get
The first of its kind here in the Philippines
Attention, Jollibee fans from south of the metro: the popular fast-food chain has opened its newest Level Up Joy Store along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). The new branch is Jollibee's milestone 1200th store in the Philippines and features the
Who's up for McDo?
When you passed your test at the grand old age of 17 and got your first hand-me-down car, we bet one of your first outings was to the local drive-through. Fries in the cupholder is a treat that still
Is the customer still king?
Clogged roads and hungry motorists is about as toxic a combination as they come. A cranky driver who's at the edge of his or her patience? That's like a ticking time bomb counting down to go boom.The only way
Is this a bad habit?
So you're driving home after a long day at work when a craving for a double cheeseburger and large fries suddenly kicks in. You can't resist, so naturally you pop by the nearest drive-thru to satisfy it, with the
Here's how eating Chickenjoy can land you an SUV
Drive-thrus are great, aren't they? Okay, so maybe it's not the healthiest way to order your food. But when you're stuck in traffic or in a rush, it's a convenient way to grab a quick bite without
For first 100 cars per store
It's the last day of the McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker promo tomorrow. So if you still haven't gotten one, this is your last chance to do so. And to make it easier for you, we want to share
For first 100 cars per store
What a day, right? Friday...payday...mall-sale events...long weekend...riotous anarchy religious vigils.May we console you with the idea that early tomorrow morning, you can forget all that bullcrap by having your windshield adorned with a McDonald's Drive-
For first 100 cars per store
We hope by now you already have your McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker if you happen to be a loyal patron of the American fast-food chain. If not, it's all good as you still have until August 30 to
For first 100 cars per store
Got your McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker yet? If you haven't, you still have until August 30 to do so. And because you visit our website, we'd like to give you advance information about the daily "lucky hour," which
For first 100 cars per store
We're sure by now you already know about the McDonald's Drive-Thru VIP Sticker promo, which will run until August 30. You also probably know that the fast-food chain has given us advance information on the daily "lucky hour"--
For first 100 cars per store
This morning, McDonald's kicked off its Drive-Thru VIP Sticker promo, which will run until August 30. As you know, the fast-food chain has given us advance information on the daily "lucky hour"--or the time the stickers will be
For first 100 cars per store
We told you the other day that McDonald's is once again giving away its popular Drive-Thru VIP Sticker from August 24 to 30. That means the promo starts tomorrow, the first day of the workweek. We also told you that
And we’ll help you get it (wink)
There are times when you just want a quick, satisfying meal on the go, without having to get out of your car. In these instances, few establishments have perfected fast food as well as McDonald's. Its meals are so consistent that
That's, er, gravy with your Chickenjoy
So, while McDonald's is having some cute little fun with its car-driving customers by giving away daily free stuff based on car colors, Jollibee wants motorists to win five (5) Ford EcoSports in its "Scratch 2 Snatch a Ford" drive-
From October 15 to 18
Craving for McDonald's food? You might get free chow from the fast-food chain via drive-thru service from October 15 to 18. How?During said period, McDonald's is giving away treats to motorists through its "Lucky Drive" marketing campaign.
To hold the phone, for instance
You already know that McDonald's is selling its Fry Holder to drive-thru customers. Available until August 23 only, this simple in-car accessory can be yours for just P45 when you purchase a medium or large value meal via drive-
P1 million cash prize and 2 Ford Fiestas
Best buddies Niño Duran and Anthony Gaas beat nine other teams to take home a brand-new 1.4-liter Ford Fiesta each and split the P1 million cash prize as the winners of the first-ever Jollibee Drive-Thru Cross-
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