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Say hello to Spotify Premium Mini
Been on the fence about getting a Spotify subscription? Here's one package you might want to consider: Spotify Premium Mini.This is the audio streaming provider's new "bite-sized" prepaid plan that allows users to subscribe for one day or
Get ready to be hit right in the feels
There's something about the rain that just makes you want to sit at home, put on some senti music, and chill out with a warm drink in hand. Perfect scenario, right?Well, life is far from perfect, and we're sometimes
It provides easy and seamless Spotify access to anyone behind the wheel
Playing music inside our cars has become more and more seamless these days. In-car entertainment really has come a long way-from AUX cables and simple Bluetooth connections, we now have modern-day features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at
It really does feel nostalgic
Hi, fellow commuters! Come on, admit it: Your morning and evening UV rides are so frustrating-and such a waste of precious time-that you sometimes listen to music and pretend like you're in a dramatic music video. Sure, the person
Ingat sa ‘rakenrol’
The song above is one of my all-time favorite songs to drive to. Aside from the fact that the lyrics are literally about pushing a car to its limits, its upbeat tempo and adrenaline-inducing solo just makes you want to
According to Spotify's data
It's safe to say that most of us enjoy listening to music while driving. We know of people who don't drive out of the parking lot unless a playlist has been set.Among the myriad ways of listening to our
Your weekend guilty pleasure
Before you come at us with pitchforks and torches, we want to reiterate that our opinion of Justin Bieber is similar to yours. He's a product of the American star machine, and we were just as disappointed to hear that he
The real pros and cons of driving alone
You belong to the countless single and mobile, a group that has come to also embrace the separated and mobile, the widowed and mobile, the hater-of-the-opposite-sex and mobile, the commitment-phobic and mobile. You, like everyone else in
Because gearheads put cars in everything
True petrolheads find a way to inject cars into just about anything: shirts, caps, bags, shoes, iPhone cases. And now these: portable speakers for your digital music. We stumbled upon these novelties one Sunday morning while looking for a power bank. We
Ladies at the top of their game
They are presidents, directors, senior managers and vice presidents in their respective companies. The decisions they make have serious repercussions in corporate direction. With just a signature, they can launch marketing campaigns; with a denial, they can cripple advertising quotas.These are
Fatherhood changes a man, but that shouldn't make you enjoy driving less
I still remember that fateful night a few years ago. It was a text from wifey: "Are you home yet? We have to talk." Uh-oh. When she showed me the piece of paper--a black-and-white picture of a little
The Eraserheads' 'Overdrive', anyone?
Top Gear is known for churning out music CDs every now and then that compile what we call "the best driving songs in the world." Well, we're asking for your help now.Through its Facebook page, Top Gear UK is asking
You know you want them<br />
Proving that it's the top British lifestyle retailing brand in the market, Marks & Spencer has brought UK's top motoring icon to the Philippines. No, we're not talking about Lewis Hamilton; we're talking about The
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