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Sometimes, sensitive engine components need a little protection
A reader asks for help
How do I properly open and close the hood of our car?MarkHi, Mark. Cars have gotten very reliable these days that opening and closing the hood (engine cover) is something that many owners might rarely think of. It's entirely possible
We meet a Nissan GT-R engine-builder
We know that the Japanese have a high regard for their craft. Think Jiro Ono in Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, who has dedicated most of his life to whipping up the best of the popular Japanese delicacy. The same goes for their
Our tech guru answers the question
So we got a photo of a brand-new Toyota Vios being treated to an engine wash with the same foamy and presumably soapy solution that you typically see at regular car-wash shops. The question of the photo sender was: "Would
It is an expression of individuality
It is an expression of individuality, if you want it to be. Last month's old-school feature was quite special. The 1991 Nissan Sunny pickup that belongs to Richard Opiana is one hell of a show car. In fact, I followed
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