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You can give dad the gift of safety by making sure his car is in tip-top shape
Still looking for something to give your dad this Father's Day? We know what it's like. That's why we have here some suggestions that might help you out.Instead of giving your old man typical material gifts, why not
The good, bad, and just yikes
Most of us learned how to drive thanks to our fathers. We grew up seeing what they do behind the wheel and, for some of us, we aspire to be half the driver our dads are. So to celebrate Fathers' Day, we
You wish you can drive like Inigo Anton
We knew that Inigo Anton would become a racer, just like his multi-awarded dad Carlos when we had dropped by to visit them at their house in Baguio City so many years ago. The little Inigo was just a toddler then,
It's about something more than just driving
There are lots of people out there who have fond memories of their dads teaching them to drive. Of bonding as father and son as they learned how to shift and steer. All the while laughing and smiling, like something straight out
Sit back and relax today, dad. Let the women in your life take charge and drive for you today. Trust that the girls can drive you to where you need to go. The passenger's seat is yours, or you can also
A father, a son, and a Volkswagen Sakbayan
My late father was a man I quite looked up to. I told myself that if I end up even just a quarter of the man he was, I'd be set for life. Though we had our differences at one point
A reader wants to fix his dad's old car
Online associate editor Dinzo Tabamo forwarded this letter to me, and asked for my thoughts on the matter:Hi, Top Gear! I would like to ask your advice on what I can do with my dad's old car. It's a
There's something for your dad in here
It's Father's Day on Sunday, June 19. It's that time of the year when we try to honor the one man who has made the biggest impact on our lives. The one man who--for most of us gearheads--
Did everything to make his son happy
This past weekend was particularly special to us for two reasons: First was Father's Day, and second was Monster Jam. Say what you will about the "smallness" of the venue (Mall of Asia Arena), the fact is that families had a
A great way to bond and learn
There's something truly special about fathers and cars. Particularly true with sons, automobiles are a great way to bond with their dads. If you're a father to young kids, we have this suggestion for spending quality time with them--something
Passing on the love of cars to his sons
The father of high-end automotive brands Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover and Maserati in the Philippines, Wellington Soong, believes that passion cannot be imposed on people, not even on his own sons."To be candidly factual about it, I cannot force my
With this weekend sales event in BGC
If you're a dad--or a son who wants to do something special with your dad on Father's Day--BMW distributor Asian Carmakers Corporation is cooking up a treat for you this weekend. It's called the "BMW Ultimate Dad'
Just our small way of paying tribute
Does this guy look familiar to you? If you've been frequently checking out our Facebook page, chances are he does. That's because we've had a few posts about him. The name is Martyn Lloyd Basto. In October last year,
Dads need to be supportive of their kids
If you've been following the Toyota Vios Cup or the Hyundai Lateral Drift Series, the name "Luis Gono" should ring a bell. This teenager, the 2014 Vios Cup champion and a podium finisher in the drifting event, learned how to drift
Quality time with children is a must
Meet Glen Dasig, the newly appointed president of Peugeot Philippines (aka Eurobrands Distributor Inc.). As the French carmaker's paternal figure in the country, he has a tight schedule to follow, meetings to attend, and a brand to expand in the Philippines.
A son recalls his late father's passion for cars
My father was a car enthusiast. More accurately, he was a car nut. This fact could be ascertained from his massive collection of '80s and '90s car magazines, his love of motorsports, and his purchase of his dream car, an Alfa Romeo
Life lessons from dad on the road
Like a lot of guys, I presume, my father taught me how to drive. On balmy afternoons in the summer of 1995, whenever my dad would go home early from work, we would drive to an empty parking lot near our house
Because our old man's needs and wants evolve
As motoring journalists, we're often asked what the perfect car for different situations is. Well, today being Father's Day, we thought we'd give that question a twist: What's the perfect car for fathers of different generations? Here are
Girls, let your dad have some fun
It's great to be a male employee in our office. Summit Media, the company that publishes Top Gear Philippines, has many other magazines under its wing. A lot of those publications are targeted toward females (Cosmopolitan, Preview, Candy and Good Housekeeping),
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