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Alonso shows what the DBX 707 can do
Fernando Alonso has barely broken in his new, all-green Aston Martin F1 overalls, but the two-time world champion is already having his skills put to good use at the wheel of the DBX 707.As you'll see from the
‘Times are changin’ at Aston Martin’
Times are changin' at Aston Martin, or so the team would have you believe, with the 2023 F1 car revealed at the team's new factory with another multi-world champion driver installed into its line-up.Yes, Fernando Alonso is wearing
Leaves you scratching your head
Fernando Alonso is one of my favorite racing drivers. His raw speed is still mesmerizing nearly two decades after he landed in F1. He is also a very, very strange dude. Most people would be horrified by the inner workings of any
The two-time world champion has signed a multi-year contract
Since Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement from Formula 1, many have been raising questions about who should replace the German at Aston Martin Racing. Well, you can put all those discussions to rest now, because we have confirmation on who'll suit
The team’s other option is reserve driver Oscar Piastri
Alpine will likely make a call on Fernando Alonso's future with the team after the triple-header of F1 races at Spa, Zandvoort, and Monza later this summer, says team principal Otmar Szafnauer.A couple of months ago, it had been
This was a fun day
Formula 1 is back! And for 2022, there's a whole new set of car design rules for the teams to chew over: regulations supposed to reduce the 'dirty air' made by all those wings and vanes. Less dirty air means cars
It’s the R24 from the 2004 season
Yeah, we hear you: The 2004 Renault R24 Formula 1 car might not have the historical significance of the R25 and the R26 that followed it, and with which Fernando Alonso took both of his world titles. but would you really say
Place your bets
A month on from that crazy 2021 Formula 1 season finale-in which Max Verstappen was crowned world champion in Abu Dhabi-the dust has settled, everyone is enjoying the winter break, and the sport is at peace with itself.Of course,
And one that was won by an even closer margin
Thanks to Mercedes' stranglehold on Formula 1, it's been a long while since the championship was decided at the last race of the season, and even longer since a final race showdown featured drivers from two different teams.That run might
The two-time champion is staying at Alpine
Big news in the world of Formula 1, and no it's not that season four of Netflix's Drive to Survive has been confirmed for an early 2022 release.Nope, we're talking about Fernando Alonso. The 40-year-old has
“You have to be prepared to sacrifice everything in your life for the coming years”
Fernando Alonso's phone rings halfway through the interview and he holds it up to the screen: It's his long-time manager and inveterate wheeler-dealer Flavio Briatore. It feels like a spicy blast from a motorsport past, but Alonso's
“The idea of putting F1 at the core gives Alpine credibility as a company”
Renault's CEO Luca de Meo has the mother and father of turnaround plans to implement. He's recently set the ailing French giant on a streamlined new course, teasing us with an all-new, pure-electric Renault 5 and-unexpectedly-positioning
To be driven by Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon
Welcome to the Alpine A521-without doubt the best-looking Formula 1 car yet revealed ahead of the 2021 season. Surely you agree.With COVID-19 delaying the arrival of big changes to F1's regulations until 2022, underneath that lovely new
Attention, audiophiles
When someone mentions an audio brand being endorsed by an athlete, people usually picture stars like LeBron James and Odell Beckham Jr. Contact sports are usually top-of-mind here, on account of the correlation between competitiveness, intensity, and physicality, and brands
“The team wants and has the means to get back on the podium, as do I.”
We're only one race into the current Formula 1 season, but a lot of us are looking forward to next year already. In case you've been living under a rock and you don't quite understand why just yet, well,
Featuring Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso, while most famous for winning the Formula 1 title in 2005 and 2006, is well-versed in the art of manning trucks thanks to his time driving for Toyota in the Dakar Rally. As such, it makes sense the Japanese
Who’s your personal GOAT?
He's still winning races and breaking records, so it may seem a little premature to be venerating Hamilton. On the other hand...he's still winning races and breaking records. With Mercedes once again looking like the team to beat, we
That was intense
Fernando Alonso. You may have heard of the dude. He's been around quite a bit, having raced successfully in the World Endurance Championship, the Indy 500, and, of course, Formula 1 where he became champion twice in his time there.So
The Spaniard missed out on the final grid position by 0.3mph during qualifying
Fernando Alonso will have to wait another year to have a crack at the Indy 500. The Spaniard's McLaren missed out on qualifying at the Brickyard, after it was knocked out by probably the smallest, newly sponsorless team on the grid.
The Spaniard will have another crack at winning the Indy 500 in May
Fernando Alonso seems to be enjoying his life outside of Formula 1. The Spaniard has won Le Mans, launched his own racing team, and-just over a week ago-was hooning Toyota's Dakar Hilux around a desert.Now, another toy. McLaren
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