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Details suggest this could be a new off-road-ready trim or a mere add-on package
We're still waiting on the Ford Maverick to land in our market. We know it may not happen, but we can't help imagine a pickup with a relatively smaller footprint plying our narrow and beat-up roads. Just what we
No confirmation yet, but the company’s thinking about it
Sales of the two newest small trucks in the US-the Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz-continue to, er, pick up. It's no surprise other carmakers now want to capitalize on the momentum and enter the segment.Well, in
Anyone here own a 3D printer?
If you're someone who's obsessed with personalizing your car, you're probably aware that money spent on even the simplest accessories can quickly pile up.We aren't even referring to aftermarket mags or aero bits, either. Ask yourself: How
The small pickup is, apparently, doing very well for itself
Trucks in the US? In general, we're talking big, burly, gas-guzzling behemoths that look like they can swallow Asian hatchbacks whole. One would think that a smaller segment offering like the Ford Maverick-the car brand's modest new pickup-
The truck is making its SEMA debut
Ford isn't waiting for its all-new truck, the Maverick, to hit showrooms before showcasing its aftermarket possibilities. The pickup is making its Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) debut in Las Vegas this week, and it doesn't appear the brand
Reckon this would make the truck a viable option in Metro Manila?
Need another reason why we need Ford's hybrids in our market? Here's one: They're highly fuel-efficient. A good example is the American carmaker's new compact pickup, the Maverick.The version with solely an internal combustion engine can
With a 2.0-liter EcoBoost
The Maverick is a small truck-like considerably small by American standards. For this release, Ford's ditched a massive road presence, large bed, and intimidating vibe in favor of a more compact form factor, easier maneuverability, and what we expect should
That’s how compact this truck is
We now have an idea of just how small the new Ford Maverick is.In a previous article, we used renders of the compact pickup to compare it with other trucks such as the Ranger and the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Heck, we
This is the Nova Montana, Chevy’s compact pickup bound for South America
Ford and Hyundai have been making some noise in the small-pickup segment with the launches of the Maverick and the Santa Cruz, respectively. Well, General Motors has this to say: "Hold my beer."GM has just released the latest teaser of
Here it is next to the Ranger, other Ford SUVs, and the Hyundai Santa Cruz
Ford has unveiled its brand-new Maverick compact pickup. This trucklette will slot below the Ranger, which has grown into a midsize pickup in the 2010s. Below, we take a closer look at the Maverick's dimensions and see how it stacks
We take a quick side-by-side look at these two compact pickups
The compact-pickup segment is buzzing. A few months back, Hyundai officially unveiled its first-ever pickup, the Santa Cruz. Then, just this week, Ford pulled the wraps off the new Maverick.Now, a lot of you are probably wondering which of
Ford says it can do 17km/L
Ford officially has a small truck in the US market. Ladies and gents, say hello to the 2022 Ford Maverick.Formerly known as a sporty two-door sedan, the Maverick nameplate has been revived in this era as a compact pickup. It
It will be called the Maverick
It seems Ford still has its hands full, as it has just announced that another truck is on its way real soon. This isn't another electric pickup like the F-150 Lightning, though. And no, this isn't another special-edition
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