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Here, you can also check out a ‘hachi-roku’-inspired Toyota 86
He was once the voice of Takumi Fujiwara on Animax’s ‘Initial D: Fourth Stage’
Filipino-Italian actor Matteo Guidicelli has been making headlines recently. Nope, not for how he received a notice for violating the Yellow Lane Rule on EDSA-we leave it to you to Google the reason.Anyway, seeing his name all over the
RWD + affordable + light = fun
You know a true enthusiast's car when people refer to it by its internal code. Launched in 1983, the AE86 (or Hachi-Roku) was the 1600cc, RWD variant of the fifth-generation Toyota Corolla. You could get it with one of
Father knows best
It was the star attraction in the manga-based anime Initial-D. It has attained classic status even before its elder brethren. This is the Toyota "Hachi-Roku" as it is popularly known , which is a nickname derived from its internal AE86
Prepare for a shot of nostalgia
Your eyes do not deceive you. What you're seeing is a Toyota 86 created in the image of Takumi Fujiwara's legendary AE86 from Initial D. Got your hopes up? To be honest, so did we.At first glance, we actually
Delivers pancit instead of tofu
We assume you know about the anime series Initial D, which tells the story of Takumi Fujiwara, who serves as the delivery boy for his father's tofu shop using a Toyota AE86 Trueno. The series basically establishes Takumi's racing--and
For car nuts and couch potatoes<br />
A new car-centric animated series is about to invade the boob tube.Trailers for The Driver have made their way to YouTube to boost the excitement of anime junkies. The well-rendered the CGI animation--down to minute details like the
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