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The golden age of Lamborghini?
Some say the Diablo was the last proper Lamborghini (debatable...) because it was developed long before Audi bought the company and sterilized it with their sensible German-ness. The definitive poster car was launched in 1990 as the Countach's immediate successor,
It's for sale, too
That's a hairy-looking Lamborghini.This is the Diablo GTR. Being the last scary, uncomfortable Lamborghini before Audi acquired the Italian supercar manufacturer in 1998, this Diablo GTR is the last bastion of old-school Lambo craziness. And now, thanks to
The 10 coolest car names ever
What's in a car name? Everything. The name makes the car, a statement we're sure many of you will dispute. Many will say that the performance or maybe the engine is what defines a vehicle, and you're not wrong.
Via Google Maps
With a round-trip airplane ticket to Bologna, Italy, costing from over $1,400 to nearly $8,000, Lamborghini is giving you the next best thing to visiting its museum by putting it up on Google Maps.Thanks to Google\'s street-
A sight for sore eyes
In January, Lamborghini announced that it would celebrate its 50th anniversary this year by having hundreds of its vintage and modern cars go on a grand Italian tour from Milan to the Italian carmaker\'s home in Sant\'Agata Bolognese. Well, that
It has no reserve price so you can bid on it!
The last of the limited, special-edition Lamborghini Diablo built to mark the model's demise will be auctioned off by Barrett-Jackson on its 41st annual Scottsdale Auction this January.The special edition Diablo is the 40th of only 40 individually-
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