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This requires immediate attention
Erratic engine temperatures? Needing to top up the radiator every morning? It is time to inspect the engine cooling system. Case study is my brother's Honda Civic. The hatchback has been showing inconsistent temperatures after a major overheat. Something happened and
Attention all Subie owners
Local Subaru distributor Motor Image Pilipinas has announced that it will be offering owners special discounts on parts and maintenance from August 23 to 25 and August 28 to September 1.The promo, which is part of the company's 2018 Kansha
Always check the level
Drivers shouldn't take windshield washer fluid for granted, especially during the rainy season. The windshield washer is primarily used to wash away any dirt and grime that can collect on your windshield. During the rains, it is an even more essential
Don’t skip this vital service interval
Congratulations! You've made it this far in your car-owership journey, and it is time for your first timing-belt change. Leave this to the pros if you are easily intimidated by an engine, but if you have some knowledge about
Careful now
They can be loud, or they can be subdued. We are talking about vinyl vehicle wraps or protective films. This product is pretty much the norm nowadays. Just a few years ago it was a service reserved for people with cash burning
Sometimes, sensitive engine components need a little protection
We came across Billion Super Thermo Cloth in Japan and became curious. Our daily-driven Mazda Miata is fitted with aftermarket exhaust headers without any mounting points for the stock heat shield. Plastic parts located near the exhaust system have begun to
It depends
We hardly ever stray from the maintenance advice that manufacturers give for their respective cars. You just can't go wrong with it. After all, they did build the thing.However, manufacturer advice, for the most part, only takes into consideration ordinary
There’s no need to spend big bucks on this
If your car key that triggers a remote locking system stops working, relax. You can change the battery yourself and not spend too much on it. It really is only a matter of time before the battery in your car key runs
Busted power door lock? This might be the culprit
This is the component that locks or unlocks the car door at the push of a button. There's no need to go to an expensive casa if ever you need to have this part replaced. This kind of repair is super
It's a fascinating industry
There will come a time when you have no choice but to source surplus parts for your car. That elusive piece you need may not be available new at the auto supply, or it might be beyond your budget. And if you
Here's a breakdown in receipts
My close friends know that I adore my 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer. It was given to me brand-new by my family (shout out to Dad, Mom, Ate Joy, Ate Grace, and Ate Faith) on my 17th birthday, and it has been my
Have you used any of its products?
One aspect of owning a vehicle many motorists take for granted is choosing a reliable engine oil to help keep the vehicle in tip-top shape. But engine maintenance--or the lack of it--could make or break your car's performance,
Make sure you have cash for repairs
Suspension arms are most prone to simple wear and tear, a specialist insurance company said.In its list of the top 10 car parts that are most likely to wear out, Warranty Direct said suspension arms require repairs due to wear-related
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