Your engine will thank you for it
Regular oil changes are important in keeping your car's engine functioning well. Here's Engineering Explained to elaborate on what happens when you forget to change your oil.The young and talented Billie Eilish joins James Corden in his late night
A simple but important thing
In the human body, blood works to transport oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues, remove waste materials from your body, and protect you against harmful infection and foreign bodies. Engine oil works the same way in cars. It lubricates all
It depends
We hardly ever stray from the maintenance advice that manufacturers give for their respective cars. You just can't go wrong with it. After all, they did build the thing.However, manufacturer advice, for the most part, only takes into consideration ordinary
Read the service manual carefully before you do
You would think that regular maintenance that is as mundane as an oil change won't void your car's warranty. After all, it's just a routine thing. If you wanted to, you can just as easily change the oil and
The owner works abroad
I want to ask about the oil change of turbodiesel engines. We've been using fully synthetic in our 2015 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. After how many months or kilometers should we have it changed? We only use the vehicle when we go
We're no damsels in distress
We're seeing more fellow lady motorcycle riders on the streets. Whether they're riding for passion or out of necessity, it is important that we don't just balance the bike and ride. We should also learn how
A confusing conundrum
Hi Top Gear Philippines! I just want to ask. Every time I have my oil changed, the amount of oil drained from my car is so little. I put in four liters of oil in my car every oil change, but when
A guide to maintaining your ride
Owning your first new car is an exciting rite of passage. The new car smell, the thrill of washing it on your own (for the first few days, at least), the humble bragging on social media, and yes, the convenience of having
Pay attention, car owners
The heart of any vehicle is its engine. Its lifeblood, subsequently, is motor oil. With that said, it is of dire importance to realize that your commitment and approach to regular oil changes are what make or break your car's long-
It's not just your engine oil that needs changing
I change the oil of my car every 5,000km. Overkill? Hardly. Driving in Manila's stop-and-go traffic can be really tough on a car's engine. But there is more to maintaining your ride. Transmission and differential oil needs
Our technical editor explains
Dear Top Gear,Is it really necessary or does it do any good to the engine if an engine flush is done on every regular oil change?Thanks!Paul Hi Paul,There are a couple ways to flush your car's engine
Not a good idea
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Coca-Cola as motor oil? Now there's an idea...albeit, a not-so-bright one. After all the crap this car has taken,
Bad, bad things happen
Engine oil works a lot like blood in your body. It protects all the vital organs inside your car and keeps everything in working order. Unlike blood though, engine oil has a limited shelf life and needs to be replaced regularly. But
Our tech guru has the answer
Hi, sir Ferman! I bought a secondhand 2005 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 as our first car. I decided to buy it because I was impressed with its looks (black color, 17-inch wheels, HID head- and foglights, rear spoilers, modified chin
To ensure your safety on the road
Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation is inviting motorists to have their vehicles checked at their nearest Shell service bay before they go on their Holy Week road trip. Shell is even giving away premium safety gear to those who will avail of its
Plus other revealing facts
Female motorists are less likely to do basic car maintenance, a survey conducted in the United Kingdom showed.Online used car retailer said its study showed 12 percent of female drivers never check their car's oil level while only
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