Expect more from the French carmaker this year
Peugeot has big things in store for the Philippine market this year.The French car brand and its official distributor, Astara Philippines, have announced that they will be expanding the local Peugeot lineup in the second quarter of 2023. According to brand
Worth the price?
It makes sense, really. Like Dominic Torretto, we Filipinos are all about family. And with a population of over 110 million, we're not exactly short on relatives. So driving out of town with a van full of people is about as
Say hello to the Peugeot e-2008
This is the Peugeot e-2008, the electric version of the 2008 small SUV that continues to be available with internal combustion power. Maybe we're just getting old, but the strange fact of Peugeots being desirable once again has really snuck
Two infinity and...
In a country where European cars as often viewed as expensive exotics, it's tough to be a mainstream brand like Peugeot. Doesn't help when everything that the French brand builds exhibits a typically quirky avante garde style. Even worse when
Coming at the end of June
While Peugeot enjoys success in Europe and Latin America, the company has long wanted a lion's share of sales in Asia. In a market where Japanese and South Korean brands rule, one of France's largest automakers wants to make its
Big names like the Subaru BRZ and Chevrolet Tahoe also made their local debut
Looking for something more upscale?
Peugeot Philippines has truly been on a roll since it came under new management to kick-off 2022. The brand has just introduced its fourth consecutive model since then: The Peugeot Traveller Premium.The upscale MPV joins the 5008, the 3008, and
A more upscale option in the subcompact crossover segment
For a while, subcompact crossovers were purely mass-market offerings catering to buyers in search of a high-riding daily driver on a budget. Slowly, though, more upscale offerings have entered the segment-the latest being the 2022 Peugeot 2008.Priced at
Looking for an upscale MPV?
Peugeot Philippines, now under new management, kicked off 2022 with the local introduction of two new Lions-the new 5008 and 3008. To keep the ball rolling, the French company is launching yet another new model early next month.The Peugeot Traveller
The SUV lands with modern styling and a lot of new tech
Fresh off the launch of the new 5008, Peugeot Philippines and its new distributor Astara now continue to pick up the pace by bringing in yet another new model to our market: the new 3008. The updated SUV comes with updated styling,
The new seven-seater will be priced at P2.26 million
Peugeot Philippines is shaking things up to start the year. The company has now announced that it will now operate under its new distributor, Astara.Astara is one of the biggest automotive distributors in Europe and Latin America, and it has now
In a factory 100% owned by Peugeot
Peugeot Philippines continues its successful pivot to Malaysia-sourced units by unveiling a more affordable 5008 last night. And when we say 'more affordable,' we mean to the tune of P1 million-basically lopping off a third of the previous 5008's
Because EVs aren't the only way carmakers can help address climate change
Peugeot Philippines has recently launched its Protectors of the Environment (POE) program to combat climate change together with the brand's customers and their respective families. Instead of making electric technologies available to the public, the brand has chosen to work together
Say hello to the new 3008 Active Petrol
Peugeot Philippines recently launched the 3008 Active Diesel variant here in the local market. Now, the brand has brought in another variant of its award-winning SUV: The 3008 Active Petrol.Its biggest difference from Peugeot's previous offerings is its pricing-
Forget about midnight food trips—it’s time for some late night casa runs
One of the most important aspects of car ownership is maintenance. It's considered a burden more than anything because it comes at a heavy cost-namely, money and time.Then again, you can always save up the money to prepare for
A diverse collection of new models recently introduced in our market
June has been an exciting month for new car buyers. If you're in the market for your next ride, keep reading-we list down the significant vehicle introductions from the past month.Based on the 178hp 2.4-liter GLS 2WD
This new variant is P500,000 cheaper than its GT Line sibling
In a time when local fuel prices are off the charts, Filipinos need their diesel engines, especially for their SUVs. Peugeot Philippines now introduces a new option that can address that necessity with the arrival of the new Peugeot 3008 SUV Active
It ticks all the right boxes
When I think of France, I don't automatically think of croissants or the Eiffel Tower. Well, fine, those things do come to mind eventually. But my initial thought is usually of Teddy Riner, a mountain of a human being who has
It’s only for China, but would it make sense elsewhere, too?
This is a long-wheelbase Peugeot 508. Specifically, the Dongfeng Peugeot 508, built as it is exclusively for the Chinese market. Thus, this might be a bit of a bittersweet story for you.Because the 508L is lovely. A longer version? Yeah,
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