It's not often that a carmaker goes out of their way to fit a car to your exact needs. When you're a global pop star, though? Well, maybe then they're more inclined to roll out the red carpet-or
Be sure to drop by
Have you noticed anything during your shopping runs? Yes, mall displays by car manufacturers are a thing again-a sign that local brands are truly on the bounce back following a rough couple of years because of COVID-19.For the most
Germany’s finest EVs
One of the biggest keys to electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the Philippines? It's to get the general public interested. PGA Cars has the right idea, as it will be showcasing Europe's most exciting electric offerings to mall-goers in
This time with the Cross Turismo
Regular readers here will know just how capable the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is, but now its abilities have been verified with (yet another) bona fide world record.Yup, a team led by TV producer JF Musial has logged the greatest altitude
But is it the best in the Taycan range?
In terms of positioning, absolutely nothing. The £104,190 (P6.99 million) Taycan GTS slots into the range above the 4S and below the Turbo. But there's more. This is the stiffest and sportiest Taycan of all. Not as fast in
On the Taycan and the newly launched Taycan Sport Turismo
Not just one debut from Porsche at the LA Auto Show, but two. Well...three, actually. Joining the long-awaited Cayman GT4 RS on the Porsche stand is this pair of Taycans, debuting both the GTS lettering on an EV and the
Is it really a proper Porsche?
Electric vehicles have been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and clearly, they're the future of the automotive industry. Electrification is what's next for all carmakers, and that includes even sports car brands such as Porsche.
Drone pilot, you’re the real MVP
A Porsche Taycan Cross drifting in the middle of the Arctic tundra and a Middle Eastern desert? That's some plot. But if you're expecting all attention to be fixed squarely on the expensive German sports car kicking up sand and
The ones that planted the flag
It looked like a Martian amphibian, but really, the Leaf was always just an ordinary Japanese hatch. Easy to drive and easy to own. And of course, despite the complex, pioneering drive system, utterly reliable. Sold around the world-and built in
It can do up to 200kph
If you can trust anyone to overengineer something, it's Porsche. Thus we meet the new Porsche Tequipment 'performance roof box.' Wondering how such a deeply sensible item warrants such a racy prefix? Just check out the development pictures of it latched
If you have the budget
This is the second step in Porsche's electric strategy. We've had the Taycan-this is its crossover cousin, the Cross Turismo. Think Audi Allroad and you're spot-on. In due course, there'll be a Sport Turismo along with
Everyone’s favorite scientist
The Porsche Taycan is a masterpiece of German engineering, thanks in no small part to it being the sports car manufacturer's first fully electric vehicle. That said, the leap in tech can be quite a bit to get your head around
Basically a Taycan that’s a little taller and much roomier
In 2020, a third of all Porsches sold in Europe had an electric or hybrid drivetrain. By 2025, it'll be more like half. The fully electric Taycan sports sedan is already a big catalyst of change, having outsold the Boxster and
This thing—the Taycan Cross Turismo—has been spotted on public roads
About two years ago, Porsche showed us a glimpse of the Taycan Cross Turismo. It was expected to "arrive in showrooms toward the end of 2020," but of course, COVID-19 happened.But that's the past. Sort of. The point is,
Can you imagine driving this fast inside any building?
Believe it or not, there's an official Guinness World Record for the fastest speed achieved by a vehicle...indoors. It sounds dangerous and just downright bananas, but also a lot of fun, too. Look away, mothers who told us not to
“I’d have sworn it was a rear-drive 911 Carrera”
Interesting car, this: the £70,690 (P4.63 million) baby Porsche Taycan. It's the only flavor of Porsche's electric fastback with no extra letters or words after its name-no '4S' or 'Turbo' topper. This is as basic as the
Porsche’s first all-electric offering sold just over 20,000 units
We don't need to tell you all the reasons 2020 was a fairly troublesome one for those in the business of selling cars. Given the circumstances, Porsche's total sales output of 272,162 cars last year ain't bad at
Which one are you most looking forward to?
Cometh 2021, cometh the German Tesla-usurpers. There's Audi's RS e-tron GT, a fleet of EQ-badged Mercs, and from BMW, another beavery-faced slice of design nightmare with a massive grille it doesn't strictly need. What's
They had to ship the car from overseas for the scene
Well, someone in production is probably in hot water after this gaffe. Production for the upcoming Netflix heist film Red Notice ran into trouble after the movie's leading man Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson found himself unable to fit inside the car
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