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Do these two have anything in common?
Nor had we, 'till Mazda deposited this lovely white one with a trim 29,000km on our doorstep. Doesn't take a genius to work out why, either.Though the RX-8 was a reasonably popular choice in its heyday, since it
How can we forget the Furai?
Mazda did not invent the 'Wankel' rotary engine (that was a German man called, unsurprisingly, Mr. Wankel), yet it is undoubtedly the car manufacturer most associated with this type of motor. Because though the design was licensed to pretty much every mainstream
It packs an advanced hydrogen-powered rotary engine at its core
We've seen some interesting concept cars as of late-remember Esa Mustonen's Koenigsegg render? Maybe we can file those under the good things that come out of quarantine.Another render under that same category is this Mazda RX-10 Vision
We were there to witness the epicness
Sevenstock is arguably the largest gathering of Mazda rotary-engine enthusiasts in the world. The event, now held annually at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, brings together fans of the venerable rotary-engined cars produced by Mazda. Sevenstock is not
Temper your enthusiasm, though—it's part of an electric range extender
We love a good engine here at Top Gear, especially good engines from Mazda. To be more specific, rotary engines from Mazda. Today, the company has confirmed it will-finally-return to the configuration it made famous via the likes of the
Have you heard of 7's Day?
What do you call a group that's passionate about a certain car model, meet regularly, and just talk about their rides when they hang out? If you guessed 'car club,' then you're correct.The aforementioned qualities describe the local Mazda
All you need to know about driving and owning a legend
When was the last time you saw one of these? Seeing a Mazda RX-7 is rare enough; spotting one that hasn't been adorned with a Veilside body kit and had its horsepower doubled is a tale very few can tell.
Is it still in the works?
Mazda has been particularly busy with its engine development of late. A couple of months ago, the Japanese carmaker announced that a new engine line, Skyactiv-X, was in the works. Its goal? To combine the best of both gasoline and diesel
An epic East Coast gathering
Rotary madness in New York City. The rotary engine is dead? We don't think so. This highlight reel of an epic gathering of Mazda RX owners in New York and New Jersey is proof that its legend is alive and well.
Yay or nay?
It's increasingly looking like Mazda's rotary engine will be making a comeback. The thing is, its return might not be in the form we expected.A report by Automotive News says that the next iteration of the rotary will be
Zoom zoom
In 1967, Mazda began selling the Cosmo Sport 110S. It was the Japanese carmaker's first-ever sports car, and it was also the world's first production twin-rotor, rotary engine car. Fast forward 50 years, and the rotary technology has
The history of Mazda: Part 1
The mountains are bathed in bluish-purple pre-dawn light as I step out of the Kokusai Kanko Ryokan in Iwakuni City. I'm dressed in a traditional Japanese yukata, camera in hand, eager to snap a few pictures of the famous
They just keep coming back to it
Those who know Mazda and its place in car culture will always associate it with the rotary engine. But why is this powerplant design so important to Mazda? How does it work, really? And if it's so good, why haven't
For the year 2015
Believe it or not, concept cars are actually recognized for their looks and overall appeal. One such governing body that pays tribute to these vehicles is the Festival Automobile International, which recently named the Mazda RX-Vision the "Most Beautiful Concept Car
How soon exactly?
A certified head-turner at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, the Mazda RX-Vision Concept has a Kodo design-based look that easily reaps a million styling points. However, as with human attraction, the car's stronger charm is not its sexy
12 photos of the Mazda RX-Vision Concept
What was recently just a silhouette is now a concept car in the metal.Say hello to the Mazda RX-Vision Concept, the first vehicle to have its wraps taken off at the ongoing 44th Tokyo Motor Show. (See, you don't
Mazda's big surprise at Tokyo Motor Show
Before we had our first taste of authentic sushi in Japan on the night before the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, we had an appetizing, bite-size piece of juicy information from Mazda executives."Someday--in the not-too-distant future--that rotary
Is this the return of the iconic RX-7?
In the motoring world, there is a pantheon of revered and admired Japanese sports cars that cause excitement at the mere mention of their names. The Toyota Supra, the Honda NSX, the Nissan GT-R and the Mazda RX-7 all occupy
Another sad news
As the month of June wraps up this weekend, so too does Mazda's production of the RX-8 sports car--as we previously reported in April--and its rotary engine, 45 years after the Japanese carmaker began mass-producing the innovative
The return of the RX-something?
It seems Mazda isn't finished with the rotary engine as has reported that the Japanese carmaker "may be on the verge of a major rotary breakthrough."Citing Mitsuo Hitomi, general manager of the brand's powertrain development,
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