Urging customers to sign up
Since December 2015, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has been offering a Free Inspection Campaign for those who own the previous-generation Montero Sport. This is in compliance with a directive from the Department of Trade and Industry. A Technical Service Letter has been
Happy International Women's Day
As Facebook may have reminded you, it's International Women's Day today--a celebration of appreciation, love and respect for the female of the species. And while it's nice to give gifts or send thoughtful messages to the special women
The kids didn't take much convincing
We're willing to bet that more than a handful of our readers have experienced an on-road collision at one point or another. Hopefully, you had your seatbelts on when you did, because it doesn't take much of a hit
All 511,528 of them globally
General Motors has issued a global advisory recalling all current-generation Chevrolet Camaros--all 511,528 of them--for a defect with the ignition system.According to the American carmaker, if the driver's knee bumps the key fob, it can inadvertently
It's not a penalty for poor product quality
Last week, we reported about the $1.2-billion fine levied on Toyota Motor Corporation by the US government for supposedly hiding safety defects in its vehicles. Now, some people mistakenly thought that the penalty was equivalent to a confirmation that Toyota
Carmaker calls it 'agreement' with government
Top Japanese automotive company Toyota Motor Corporation has been ordered to pay $1.2-billion in the United States related to an investigation initiated in February 2010, in which the carmaker was made to "address potential sticking accelerator pedals and floor mat
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