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The Everest is our favorite
To be honest, we were absolutely clueless as to what a "lifestyle" drive entailed when we received an e-mail from Ford Philippines inviting us to take part in such an event. The carmaker gave no clue as to what we would
We compare the 3 midsize SUVs
The cast is complete. Three of the most eagerly awaited midsize SUVs have been revealed in the global arena. And they're headed for our market real soon. In fact, we've even asked you to pick which one you like in
Now that all 3 SUVs have been revealed
Whew! Is it just us or is the midsize SUV segment really burning right now from all the hot-looking new contenders? We're talking specifically about these three: Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Toyota Fortuner.In March, you will remember
We drive the American duo to Batangas
Long drives out of town are very taxing. You have to sit inside the car for hours, keep your head cool when stuck in Manila's traffic, and as soon as you hit the provincial roads, you have to deal with pedestrians,
Top 10 countries with most Hummer units
Remember the Korean-made Mercedes-Benz MB100 vans that were popular in the '90s? Do you recall how ubiquitous they were during that era? What happened to all of them? One can't say they just became old. A lot of '90s-
Which happens to be a Range Rover
How do you celebrate special milestones in your life? For many of us, marking a birthday, anniversary or graduation is done via a party--usually an all-out bash with family and friends. If you were Land Rover, however, you'd mark
By launching a heritage division
For many car enthusiasts, restoring or maintaining their cherished ride is the way to go. Sure, there are other automobiles out there. But nothing beats preserving a prized beauty, especially if it's a classic.One of the favorite vehicle projects for
It's more than just an all-new Alterra
The Isuzu Alterra had been around since 2005, which means it had been around for nine years before it was replaced by the MU-X in September 2014. In car years, that's twice a regular lifespan. But for an SUV--specifically
Once the all-new models arrive
In the automotive industry, it is inevitable that rivalries exist. In fact, it's always more exciting when two vehicle models are selling so well that they present a tough decision-making challenge for the customers. Through the decades, the Philippine car
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