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All Filipino participants stood past the 24-hour-mark to help secure the victory
Happening this November in Singapore
The conclusion of this year's Subaru Festival the past weekend meant one other thing: The Subaru Palm Challenge has come to a close as well, and the finalists who will represent the Philippines during the regional finals in Singapore have been
Get to witness this year’s Palm Challenge during the festivities
It's that time of the year again when Subaru fans can gather for a weekend of festivities consisting of test drives, promos, and of course, the annual Subaru Palm Challenge.Motor Image Pilipinas has announced an open invitation to the 2019
Get to win cash prizes—or even the chance to compete in Singapore this November
Subaru's annual endurance competition is right around the corner. Motor Image Pilipinas has announced that the 2019 edition of its annual Palm Challenge is happening this September 21 to 22 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.To put it quite simply, the
Analiza Mokhtar has been joining ever since 2005
A seasoned veteran of this grueling contest organized by Subaru distributor Motor Image, Analiza Mokhtar has been a recurring sight at the Ngee Ann City commercial center in Singapore, where the event is held annually. She has participated almost every year since
Sheer force of will isn’t enough
For the unfamiliar, the Subaru Palm Challenge sounds like total lunacy. Contestants stand with their right hands placed on hand-shaped decals stickered on a Subaru car, all of them locked in a seemingly endless stalemate with each other over the next
Happening this September 22 to 23
Curious about what it is like to get behind the wheel of a Subaru? Save the date as Motor Image Pilipinas brings back the Subaru Festival. This will be held at 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Global City, from September 22 to
As told by the last Filipino standing
The title of this article might sound strange to those familiar with the Subaru Palm Challenge. The annual event is a test of human endurance and will where contestants fight against the elements, their own physiological needs, and mental adversity for days,
Your emotions are as important as your fitness
The Subaru Palm Challenge is not for the faint of heart. If you think waiting in line at the LTO is hard, then imagine doing it sans food, water, and toilet breaks. No chairs to sit on, either. Palm Challenge contestants need
For love of family and country
It can be a painful thing having a goal or milestone left unaccomplished. To know that something worth having was within your grasp, yet your reach fell just short of success. Maybe you've experienced it at some point in your personal
Why relive the hardship?
Have you ever tried to stand in one spot for a really long time? Maybe you were waiting in line to sign up for your college courses, or you stood out in the hot sun for a jeepney that never came. It
All held out for more than 10 hours
The Philippine leg of this year's Subaru Palm Challenge took place last September 9 in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It was a hot Saturday, but the top 10 contestants all managed to hold on for more than 10 hours to the
It's Palm Challenge season again
It's time once again for the Subaru Palm Challenge. In case you've never heard of it, the annual event is a test of will and endurance where contestants compete to see who is the last man or woman standing. Basically,
They held on for more than 70 hours
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.Have you ever had to wait in line for a really long time? (UP grads, you don't have to reply) Say, to enroll
Pinoy pride
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Nine Filipinos were flown to Singapore for the regional finals of this year's Subaru Car Challenge. The annual endurance competition drew in 399
It's also Motor Image Pilipinas's 10th year
The come-on should be a cliché by now, but it never gets tired: Do you want a free car? Or in the case of Subaru's long-running annual contest, how would you like a free XV crossover? And the premise
Get to know Team Pinas
If there's one trait we Filipinos should be known for, it's resiliency. Photos of people smiling in the midst of a typhoon circulating online should tell you enough about our ability to persevere. And the 10 Pinoys representing our country
Will a Filipino contestant win it all?
Ten Filipinos were once again set to compete in this year's Subaru Palm Challenge regional final, held this past weekend in Singapore. Forget that they would have to endure sleepless nights and go on days without bathing. That's nothing new.
Let's wish them luck
The Philippine leg of the Subaru Palm Challenge wrapped up last Saturday with the last eight contenders of the Manila round completing the list of Filipino finalists set to compete in Singapore. More than 300 registrants showed up at Bonifacio High Street,
Davao leg winner also announced
For the second year in a row, Donn Michael Yap outlasted his fellow Cebuanos at the Subaru Palm Challenge Cebu Leg held recently at Ayala Center. The 25-year-old held on to his designated car decal for 12 hours, 55 minutes
2014 winner held on for over 80 hours
Have you ever looked forward to owning a Subaru, only to end up having to settle for less because your pockets weren't deep enough? Well, maybe the 2015 Subaru Palm Challenge is your best chance at driving off with a brand-
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