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A Motion for Reconsideration has been filed
How tech can compensate for human error
Filipinos love the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. Whenever any news breaks about this much-praised midsize SUV, we're all ears. So it was only natural that we got curious when a Montero Sport (sold in Thailand as the Pajero Sport) was onstage
Report made by UK-based company, Horiba Mira Ltd
For those who are still doubtful about the safety of the previous-generation Mitsubishi Montero Sport, this may finally put your fears to rest. We just received an e-mail update from Mitsubishi Motors Philippines regarding the so-called SUA incidents. Here'
Urging customers to sign up
Since December 2015, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has been offering a Free Inspection Campaign for those who own the previous-generation Montero Sport. This is in compliance with a directive from the Department of Trade and Industry. A Technical Service Letter has been
Don't believe everything you see on TV
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. Another video has emerged detailing an alleged sudden unintended acceleration incident caught on camera. The TV news reporter covering the incident has presented it
Mitsubishi SUV opens 2016 strongly
To say that the reputation of the Mitsubishi Montero Sport suffered from the latest wave of SUA allegations against it, is obviously an understatement. SUA, of course, stands for "sudden unintended acceleration," that supposed phenomenon in which the vehicle surges forward on
From ABS-CBN to Mitsubishi plant
Last December 8, a Montero Sport owner named Gel Angeles contacted us to say he was organizing a "Drive of Confidence" featuring the embattled SUV, which was (and is) being accused of the so-called "sudden unintended acceleration." The drive took place
Another memorable year for motoring
Life in the Philippines is never boring, especially on the road. But as the year draws to a close, we can't help but feel that the past 12 months have been particularly colorful. With new cars, more traffic, and government shenanigans,
For everyone's information and guidance
Today, the Department of Trade and Industry released the result of its two-week investigation--as well as its recommendations--of the "sudden unintended acceleration" case filed against Mitsubishi Motors Philippines involving the Montero Sport SUV. For the record, of the reported
Good humor in the face of adversity
In the midst of all this talk about the so-called "sudden unintended acceleration" that supposedly plagues the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, it seems the owners of the popular SUV stand to lose the most. Not only are there reports that the resale
Very timely driving tips
Believe it or not, driving is fun! While modern-day urban traffic has made driving something most of us dread more than a trip to the dentist, it remains quite an enjoyable activity--especially if you really like cars. It becomes even
Read it in full
Beleaguered automotive distributor Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has issued a letter addressed to Montero Sport customers, in a clear effort to reassure the latter that there is nothing wrong with their sport-utility vehicle. As you know, the popular midsize SUV is being
Is car wash bad for the Montero Sport?
Yesterday, the Department of Trade and Industry conducted a hearing commencing its investigation of the complaints filed against the Mitsubishi Montero Sport, which is being accused of having a tendency to exhibit "sudden unintended acceleration."An "expert witness" of the DTI--one
Carmaker addresses safety issues
In a press conference held in Mandaluyong today, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines gave its statement on the accusations hounding its cash cow, the Montero Sport midsize SUV.There was a long presentation where MMPC identified possible causes of "sudden unintended acceleration":1. Pedal
10 safety tips on how to drive with it
As you know, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines once again has its hands full trying to convince the motoring public that the Montero Sport is "neither defective nor unsafe to use." And that's because allegations about the popular midsize SUV's so-called
Watch these videos
Let's cut to the chase: The Mitsubishi Montero Sport (the outgoing model, that is) is accused by some people (who claim to be "accident victims") as suffering from what is called sudden unintended acceleration. In a nutshell, it is the alleged
Coincides with SUV's record year in sales
In 2011, a blog that collected the "complaints" of alleged victims of sudden unintended acceleration involving the Mitsubishi Montero Sport hit cyberspace. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines subsequently issued an official statement regarding this, and the blog was eventually taken down. We thought that
Before it's even required by law
Hyundai is one step ahead of the United States government: Before the latter even passes it into law, the Korean carmaker has now equipped all its models for the market with a brake-pedal electronic throttle-override capability.Starting with its May
Want the real score?
Call it a coincidence, but just mere minutes after the Chief tackled the Mitsubishi Montero Sport sudden acceleration cases in his All Will Drive column, we received Mitsubishi Motors Philippines' official statement on the matter. In a related development, the blog monteroaccident.
So who's to blame now?
Toyota recently won a case that can be seen as an early indicator of the strength of legal theories behind the sudden and unintended acceleration claims the Japanese carmaker is facing from various plaintiffs.The jury at a United States' district court
At least as far as its electronic systems are concerned
It's official: the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not found anything wrong with Toyota's electronic systems, which were initially blamed to have caused the "sudden unintended acceleration" issue that has been the Japanese carmaker's bane
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