Manila City has also cleaned up the road markings that went viral as NCAP trap
Heads up
Here's another reason to avoid committing traffic violations in Valenzuela City: The local government no longer allows motorists to settle no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) violations over the counter.Valenzuela City made the announcement over social media earlier today. Moving forward,
It ain’t over till it’s over
The doorbell rings, and there's a courier waiting outside. You go out to receive the parcel-but instead of your latest online shopping purchase, what's this? A notice of violation (NOV) generated by a no-contact apprehension system?Several local
The local government unit has just launched the Valenzuela City Food Fiesta
We recently shared photos of the newly pedestrianized Fatima Avenue. It looked great as it was, but it looks even livelier now that the local government unit has opened the Valenzuela City Food Fiesta.The LGU shared snaps of the busy street
This is the way
Last year, Valenzuela City announced that it would begin the pedestrianization of Fatima Avenue in an attempt to "reconnect its people to the vitality of their surroundings." Well, the project now appears to be nearing its completion, and it looks great.Photos
We wouldn’t mind seeing more of these electric minibuses
The local government unit of Valenzuela City has a treat for its residents this Christmas. In partnership with GET Philippines, the LGU has rolled out eight Comet units in the city, and these electric shuttles will be providing free rides for the
The rehabilitated space will be opened in 2022
If there's one thing the pandemic has made even more obvious, it's that Metro Manila sure could use better urban planning-something already painfully obvious since pre-lockdown. Centralized layouts cause traffic jams, but if we had bike lanes to
It will stretch from Marulas all the way to Malanday
We're already a year and a half into this pandemic, but we're still glad to see various local government units across Metro Manila continuously making changes to adapt to the times.The Valenzuela City LGU, for example, has announced that
It will soon extend to new sectors of its Tullahan-Tinajeros river system cleanup
Flooding has long been a problem in Metro Manila. Sad to say, with or without typhoons, submerged streets are regular sightings around the capital.Hopefully, though, with some help from San Miguel Corporation (SMC), things will eventually change. The company has been
The two parties finally come to an agreement
The Valenzuela City local government and NLEX Corporation have finally come to an agreement regarding the latter's RFID woes and suspended business permit in the city.Earlier today, Valenzuela City announced that North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) tollbooth barriers within its jurisdiction
NLEX Corporation requests for more time to study the system
It's been a week since Valenzuela City mayor Rex Gatchalian officially suspended NLEX Corporation's business permit in the city. Fortunately, the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) toll plazas in the area have since been (mostly) a sight for sore eyes-just
A welcome sight
Earlier this week, Valenzuela City followed through on its threat to suspend the NLEX Corporation's business permit if the expressway operator could not immediately address issues hounding its implementation of 100% RFID transactions. Since then, the parts of North Luzon Expressway (
Ay na-charge!
In case you missed it, Valenzuela City has suspended the NLEX Corporation's business permit due to issues involving the tollway operator's RFID-based cashless toll-collection system. This means until the company has complied with the local government's requirements,
The mayor laid down three requirements that the NLEX Corporation must meet
The Valenzuela City RFID saga continues. After suspending NLEX Corporation's business permit in the city, Mayor Rex Gatchalian has now officially laid down the requirements in order for the local government to lift the said suspension.In his letter to the
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