Articles about Vehicle Theft

It leaves us wondering if our local police can do the same
Police from Toronto, Canada have foiled a plot that seems to have been inspired by the H.B. Halicki movie/Nicolas Cage remake Gone in 60 Seconds after arresting a man who had sets of keys to 99 luxury cars.According to
No, it's not a bricked iPhone
Hackers have proven that it's actually possible to break into a car using only a mobile phone--and it doesn't involve throwing it at the car's window in the hope that the safety glass will give way.Using a
Congressman files bill to combat it
While police authorities are busy going after carjackers, the criminals are busy coming up with new ways to steal vehicles.A lawmaker has just revealed that some carjacking syndicates buy the insurance policy of a totaled vehicle, steal a similar car, and
Double trouble
A motorcycle rider is now locked up in jail after police authorities flagged him down for not wearing a helmet in a checkpoint in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, where they later found out that he was using a stolen bike.Nikko Ramos, a
To deter car thieves
Taking a vehicle from one island to another may soon require some paperwork as two solons are pushing for motorists to secure a clearance from the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG).Based on House Bill 4500 filed by Rep.
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