45 reasons not to beat a red light

by Dinzo Tabamo | May 4, 2010

There are good reasons for driving at late at night. First off, the air is cooler. During the day, the blistering heat will laugh at your car tint and force you to max your car's air conditioner just to stay sane.

Another good reason for driving late at night is that there are lesser cars. When I say late, I mean past midnight. The volume of cars ebbs and flows in surprising ways in our metro. Sometimes when I'm on EDSA at 11:00pm I find myself caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. But past midnight it's usually just taxi cabs looking for call center agents and night owls on their way home after a nightcap.

The intersections are empty, and you find yourself alone at crossings, waiting for nonexistent cars to pass. Be honest, have you ever felt the temptation to run the red light?

I haven't. Other than the very hard-working traffic enforcers who stay late at night just for beer money to render public service, I know who I share the road with. I know that there are a lot among us who are responsible and intelligent motorists.

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But then there's the flip side, drivers who are allergic to empty space, and who want to fill up every inch of free road with their car. To these people, on a deserted intersection the red light is like a red flag being waved by a matador--and they are the bull. Every time they succumb to that temptation to run the red light, when their impatience to wait a few more minutes manifests, that’s when the streets become more dangerous for the rest of us.

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