How do they keep doing it?

by Dinzo Tabamo | Aug 8, 2009
It's hard to praise a carmaker for building a car that keeps getting better and more desirable with each generation because normal carmakers aren't that consistent. Maybe that's why Ferrari isn't a normal carmaker. Their mid-engined V8 sports cars have been objects of desire starting especially with the F355 (the car Nicolas Cage wrecked in the movie The Rock). The F360 raised the bar even more, and while the succeeding F430's nostrils looked a bit too big, that car was just a beautiful study in sensuous design balance. But Ferrari has done it again with the next generation V8 sports car-the Ferrari 458 Italia. Zero to 100kph comes in under 3.4 seconds courtesy of the 4.5-liter V8 that generates 562hp and 560m of torque. A 7-speed dual-clutch transmission similar to the one fond in the Ferrari California manages all the Italian horsepower. But the most striking achievement is its design. It's hard to imagine a Ferrari with a bad design, although I'm sure there are. Somewhere in its history maybe. But the 458 definitely raises the bar to new heights, it even looks better than the limited-edition Ferrari Enzo. ferrari-458-italian-frontal ferrari-458-italian-rear And since everyone has done quad tailpipes, why not three? ferrari-458-italian-interio The aircon vents look odd, but it still perfectly combines racing pedigree with luxurious exclusivity. The only way this Ferrari can look bad is if Willie Revillame buys one. Oh crap, I hope I didn't give him an idea.
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