Why we\'re on the information superhighway

The rationale behind TopGear.com.ph
by Dinzo Tabamo | May 22, 2009

In the film He\'s Just Not That Into You, Drew Barrymore\'s character laments about how she canÂ’\'t meet potential partners using any of the technological means today. It frustrates her to be rejected by men via SMS, e-mail, cellular phone, landline, snail mail, and social networking. She longed for the days where there was one number for everyone, and you knew you could reach them there.

In the same manner, why bother with a Top Gear Philippines website with its own content when a magazine already exists? Or you can look at it from the other side: Why bother with the magazine if all content can simply be uploaded online? The answer is simple: They complete and complement each other. Together, their strengths and weaknesses combine to create a more cohesive media entity. With two mediums available, you can enjoy more articles, more content, more of the wit, the fun (are we having fun yet?), and more of the love for all things motoring.

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We even have two new additions to the team, who are assigned full-time to the website. First, there\'s our online managing editor Barbara Lorenzo, who has already become an invaluable member of this team in her relatively short time. From the moment she stuffed us full of pizza during her birthday this month, we knew she would easily fit into the group. Then there\'s her staff writer Patrick Tadeo, who will become a very vocal and active member of the team when he decides to talk longer than two sentences per day.

Under the guidance of Barbs and Patrick, the TG website will report about news and industry updates as soon as they occur. They will supervise the blogs and manage the content as well as the forum. This is something the magazine can\'t do because of the timetables that publishing requires. But when the weekend comes, and you\'re sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of brewed coffee--this is just our mental image of how we imagine your weekend to be (we even imagined a dog sitting there somewhere)--we know you want to read something you can hold, with pages you can turn, and with a visual story that unfolds the way you\'ve been accustomed to before the advent of broadband, Wi-Fi, and laptops.

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What the website proves (and with your support we hope we\'re proven right) is that the Top Gear brand can be enjoyed across several mediums and formats. From the UK TV show to the magazine and the Internet, the experience and feel are the same, just presented differently. In other countries, there are even books and T-shirts, and we\'d be lying if we said we didn\'t want to see these cool items in our market someday.

But for now, we\'re happy to give you this new and improved website. We want to make it one of your favorite online hangouts, the site you go to when you don\'t feel like working on another TPS report for your nagging boss just yet. This blog--and this website--is the beginning of a new Top Gear journey. Click around. We\'ll make it worth your time.

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