Defective aircon? Un-cool!

What\'s wrong with a hot car
by Ferman Lao | Aug 17, 2009

Dear Ferman,

When I turn the aircon switch on, the indicator works fine
pero hindi siya lumalamig at all (it\'s like I\'m only running on fan mode), kahit sagad na to \"cold\" \'yung temp switch. I had it checked, sabi it can\'t be the evaporator kasi ayos naman daw. I\'m not really that good when it comes to technical stuff in cars, but a sign I look for kapag okay \'yung aircon is if may nag-didrip na tubig sa ilalim ng sasakyan then the thermostat (or whatever it\'s called) is working fine.

I\'m just wondering why the aircon still gives off fan-like air even with the switches are A-ok and the evaporator is \"okay.\" It\'s such a hassle especially
kapag napakainit sa labas.

Any tip/suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, crosswind_sportivo!

From your description, it seems possible that you may not enough refrigerant in your system and that will naturally cause the system to function poorly. There\'s probably a leak somewhere in your aircon system.

I don\'t understand what the guy who looked at your vehicle meant when he said the evaporator is \"ayos pa\" though. Does he mean it\'s working properly or it has no leaks or what?

The basic components of any auto aircon system are the compressor, cooling coil, filter/drier, pressure switch, expansion valve, thermostat, condenser and blowers/fans.

If there is no refrigerant in the system then even if all the components are \"ayos\" then it will not work as it should.

It may be also possible that there is too much refrigerant in the system and the compressor is being shut off to prevent damage to other components.

I would suggest you go and have your aircon system checked again and find a different and quite likely more competent aircon service center while you\'re at it.

Best regards,

Ferman Lao

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