Lost in transmission

What to do if nothing happens when you shift
by Ferman Lao | Aug 24, 2009

Hi Top Gear,

I have an Isuzu Crosswind with an automatic transmission. Recently when I shift my transmission lever out of park it feels like nothing\'s happening and I have to put in back in P then R again several times before it moves. Is my transmission damaged? Do I need a rebuild as our neighborhood mechanic says? Or is he just taking me for a ride?



Hi DRCruz,

It sounds like your neighborhood mechanic may be taking you for a ride. The best way to determine what\'s wrong is to actually physically check on it, but from your description it sounds so to me that your shifter linkages/cables and/or bushings may be the cause of the problem. If they are the ends which attached to either the shift lever or transmission actuators may be worn down that the cables move without anything happening. Replacing them is fairly straightforward and can be done on a while-you-wait basis if the parts are readily available. It\'s best to get them checked and replace immediately. You never know when they will fail permanently, leaving you stranded somewhere you don\'t want to be.

Best regards,

Ferman Lao

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