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What indicators should I look for to know when it's time to change my tires? And what should I consider when buying a replacement set? Thanks!


The best way is to conduct a physical inspection of the tires. What you don't want on your tires are cracks on the rubber that are deep enough to show the carcass or ply of the tires, and bulges on the tire which mean the rubber has separated from the carcass. Any of these two can lead to a blow out. Change them immediately even if the tread is still thick.

As for normal wear and tear, just look for small triangular pointers on the sidewall. These show you the tread wear indicators on the tire. When your tread thickness is already at the level of these indicators, then it is time to change your tires. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk due to poor traction and a higher chance of hydroplaning. Both can lead to accidents, which are far more costly and stressful then buying a set of new tires.

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